Wednesday, January 1, 2014

One a day-2013

1/1/2013  Today was a fun day we got to spend the day at Mammaw and Boogies house.  You had the time of your sledding with Josie and Annie.  The thing you did that was funny though was two things.  The first one was when you told me that you were hungry and I told you that I was hungry for your love.  You rubbed your cheek against mine and said, "There now I feed you, so you shouldnt be hungry."  The second was when I said I was getting tired and you started singing Rock a Bye Baby to me so I would fall asleep, so we could stay the night at Mammaw and Boogies house.  It didnt work.
1/2/2013  So you have always been the type of child that is reserved and hesitant about doing things.  Today we went to Wendy's and you wanted another sandwich.  So, I dug through my purse to find exactly $.99.  I told you if you wanted to get another sandwich you would have to get in line to order it by yourself. You were so unsure but with encouragement you got in line to order your sandwich.  It was so cute to see you ordering your sandwich and running back with it in hand.
1/3/2013 Today we just spent the day at home.  You had fun playing ninja with Adrian and his cousin.   It was also fun watching you guys do kinect adventures.  I also loved that you had to come back and crawl in bed with me to snuggle me even if it was only "for ten seconds"  and you for sure counted.
1/4/2013  Today you and Adrian were cracking me up.  You two were strumming on the guitar and ukulele  making  big plans for your band.  Then you started to sing a song titled, "Hello Amigo"  You were so darling.
1/5/2013  Wow to a nice day.  We went to David's baptism which seemed to be a struggle for you to have reverence.  But one thing about you is your ability to feel guilty right away.  The thing I liked the most was when you told me that the reason you are getting to be badder is because you are getting older.   The day quick turned around when we got home and spent time together cleaning and playing games together.  We played the hot cold game which is something I played when I was younger and I had just as much fun playing with you guys.
1/6/2013  Say it ain't so you are in the senior primary this year.  Talk about a time for Mommy to enter the Primary presidency.  My heart was so full seeing you being the bigger kid today.  You are such a sweet blessing to our family and to the ward.  You were gleaming today when I gave you your dad's old set of scriptures.  You said that your teacher would give you a treat.  Hey if that works then kudos it is a good habit to start up.
1/7/2013  Today was your first day back to school and it was a tough day for you.  When you got home it was just a hurry hurry evening.  You did however come home with drawings that you made for your dad at school.  I will tell you this as a parent we love all the drawings.
1/8/2013  This was a sad and frustrating day all rolled into one.  I confronted your bus driver bout the radio station that she plays will driving.  Because you have come home telling me things you heard.  Then I went on a wild goose chase all day trying to find your dad's script which meant that I did not get to spend any time with you.  I will say this you are an amazing kid.  In between  my runs I would give you your homework assignments and trust you to do it.  You did it no questions asked.
1/9/2013  So I love the fact that you are still young enough to take bubble baths.  This evening I ran you a bath and just sat in the bathroom talking with you while you did silly beards and shaves.  Oh and another is that you are still young enough to have your mom hanging out in the bathroom.  I just felt so bad since yesterday I got no time with you.
1/10/2013  So this incident is seriously going up on both you and your sisters.  So Baxter the lovely dog that he is ate a new tub of sour cream.  Mind you I never buy it so this was extra special for me to purchase.  We got home from piano and I noticed he had a white snout.  It did not take me long to figure out what he had done.  It was straight to the treadmill for him with some extra speed.  I knew he would most likely poop on the treadmill so I took extra precautions.  You two seriously had  a riot watching him poop it was like the best next to sliced bread.  You guys were sitting on top of the washer saying things like:  "here it comes" "how much more do you think will come?"  "That is so funny"  I know it was so gross but it was kind of funny to hear you guys cracking up at Baxter's expense.
1/11/2013  Dont you just love Friday nights?  I sure do it is the end of the school week and there is no hustle to get you into bed.  I loved getting to watch movies with you and eat my taco nacho pizza.  When you got home you said, "I thought we were doing pizza hut? I even wrote about it in my journal at school"  You seemed so disappointed.  I had to reassure that it would be good and if you didnt like it I would get Pizza Hut on Saturday.  I was planning on it anyway.  I just had stuff that needed to get used.
1/12/2013  So this was a major milestone for you today.  You started up your swim today which I had to take you kicking but you did go.  Right of the bat your instructor put you guys in the twelve foot.  I was thinking come on buddy you can do it, knowing how you are my cautious kid.  I kept giving you thumbs up to tell you that you could swim across the pool.  Off you went and you did it.  I was getting  nervous when you got to the middle of the pool.
1/13/2013  I love being in primary just so I can see you and Annie.  Today when they were asking kids if they wanted to try the first article of faith, you raised your hand with confidence.  You got up and said, "We believe in God the eternal Father, and in his three sons and in the Holy Ghost."  I was cracking up but I loved it so much.  You do know it,  I just think you got a little tongue tied.
1/14/2013  This evening when we were doing your spelling words you would sometime misspell a word.  You then said, "Its not me its my brain."  I was cracking up that dang brain can get you every time.
1/15/2013 Today was your first day of no bus and I absolutely loved every minute of it.  It was so nice just getting to let you sleep in and relax before it was time to go.  I seriously felt this lifted stress.  I now know that you are safe and kept from things that are not appropriate for your sweet ears.
1/16/2013 Another positive to no bus we get a better evening.  We spent the evening slowing doing your homework.  We then watched Princess Bride which was so funny to watch you bury your head when the kissed.  Ha Ha you are at that point now.  It is a cute movie though.  I loved when there were scary parts you were there to help your sister to cover her eyes.
1/17/2013  I think it is so cute of the books that you will choose from the school library.  You of course picked a book on paratroopers.  You have always been so interested in rescue heroes.   I think I might know what you will be when you grow up someone that helps others.
1/18/2013  I went out for a girls night really early in the evening and was gone the rest of the day.  So I didnt get to spend a lot of time with you.  However, on the way home I loved how you were so excited to play a new game with Parker in the back.  All I know is you two were doing something with popcorn kernels that you found in the back.
1/19/2013  So today I will not focus on your totally melt down today and telling me I am the meanest Mom ever.  What I am going to focus on his how after you got over your fit and you decided to do the chores I wanted you to do.  You asked me, "Mom, when I get done cleaning the bathroom.  Do you want me to run you a bath? Would you like it warm or scolding?"  I had to laugh as if that was even a choice.  You are so sweet and funny.
1/20/2013  Like I said last week and I will say it again, I love being in primary with you and your sister.  Today you remembered your "Holy Bible" love how you say it.  You got to read a scripture from it.  You then told me that you wanted to keep it marked so you could "read it in your spare time."
1/21/2013  Today was such a fun day.  We as in you, your sister and me went to the zoo when it was about 19 degrees out.  That was not factoring the wind chill.  It was so much fun going from one warm building to another.  The other bonus we pretty much were the only crazies there.
1/22/2013  So a couple of cute things for the day.  Last night I told you that it was going to be very cold and I realized this morning you were wearing your Star Wars snuggie all night.  The next was having Connor Simcox over and you were beyond excited.  You said, "I have never had a play companion like this!"  You guys made toy guns from Trios and then kept playing pranks on the girls.
1/23/2013  Today Baxter was sitting next to me and you said, "Mommy, Baxter's peanut is sticking up. Why  do they do that?"  Ugh because he is a dog.
1/24/2013  This morning when I got back from my jog with Katie you were sitting on the ottoman eating an apple.  I said, "Well, I need to pack your lunch."  You said, "I already did.  You can check it and look in the bottom pocket because I packet a surprise."  I opened and checked every thing you had packed.  In the bottom pocket was a gallon size Ziploc bag with a small brownie.  I was cracking up.  You are so funny and thank you for packing your own lunch.
1/25/2013  So today you decided to be gross.  After school you said, "Look Mom its a Caterpillar egg!"  I looked and you had a huge green crusty boogie on your finger.  You are so gross.
1/26/2013  Today you were rolling out the funnies.  But the one that stuck out me was when we were driving home from swim.  Annie was giving one of her emotional cries and you said, "Annie is being so T-R-M-A-D-I-C!"  I said "I am not sure what you just spelled but okay."  You said, "traumatic"  Oh ha instead of dramatic.  Another funny was when you were changing your clothes after swim, you said "I need my own changing room because I am rich and famous."  You then took a towel and covered yourself to change.  One  more, this evening in the kitchen you said, "I know what the bad word is that goes with son of a, oh I cant say it.  But I wont say the "P" word that goes with it and it ends with "itch"  I said, "You mean son of a pitch."  Your eyes got so huge because I just cussed.  I was cracking up.
1/27/2013  Sundays at this time are so wonderful.  It is a lot to get you guys out the doors but I love being able to come home and hang out with you two.  I hope you always know how much I love that you are always there to help me.  Sometimes I feel bad that you are asked to do more than a typical seven year old.  You bare it well.
1/28/2013  During FHE tonight we were doing a lesson on people that can help lead, teach, help and walk by our side.  Parts from the song I am a Child of God.  You guys started naming the obvious choices then you said, "Definitely not Christopher."  I asked who was Christopher was.  You said, "You know the bad guy." Oh you meant "Lucifer"
1/29/2013  You are growing up right before my very eyes.  Today we got to enjoy the beautiful weather outside.  You asked to ride on your bike and you said, "I grew an inch one more and I can ride this one."  You then asked me if I wanted to set up a stand to sell things to make money.  I love how you are always trying to find ways to make money.
1/30/2013  Today was a day of no TV and I loved the sweet peace it brought to the home.  When you got home from school we got to listening to music, draw and read books.  When I told you that Brother and Sister Wright had  a rule for their kids growing which was no TV throughout the week at all.  You asked, "You arent going to in force that rule are you?"  It is very tempting.
1/31/2013  So I hardly got to see you today because you went straight to piano.  On the way home from piano I loved the grown up conversation I got to have with you.  I asked you about your day.  You told me that you had to go to the gym for an explosion drill. Which meant that you did not get any "itersting"  books from the library.  You could only get fiction books and not real ones because you didnt have time.  You are so funny.
2/1/2013  You got your computer time back today and you were very excited.  I was going to a girls night and your dad was asleep.  So I had to leave you guys to watch a movie.  I asked you to make sure that after the movies were over that you guys would go to sleep.  You being you did it of course.  I swear you and your sister are the best two kids a parent could ask for.
2/2/2013  Today you went to Ian's birthday party and I guess your sister was having a really hard time. Natalie's mom told me how attentive to your sister you were to her.  You kept trying to help her feel better.  I will say this you are always so wonderful with her and I am grateful that you are such a wonderful brother.  You also tread water for the first time today.
2/3/2013  This was a really hard weekend for you.  I think you felt the world was stacked against you.  You even said that you could never do anything right.  I am so sorry honey.  I know my stress probably falls back on you.  I want you to know how treasured you are.  I could not imagine my life without you. You really are such a pleasure.
2/4/2013  Oh my goodness you and your sister are a trip.  You two thought it was hilarious to run circles around the ottoman with your pants down around your ankles.  I was cracking up at you guys especially because you guys were cracking yourselves up.
2/5/2013  We were having dinner and your dad asked how your day was at school.  You covered your face with your hand and said, "I went to Peek."  We both said, "What?"  You then said it again with your hand covering your face.  This was because you couldn't keep a straight face when you were bluffing.
2/6/2013  Today was the perfect day for a snowball fight and we did just that.  It was seriously a blast.  I had you and Adrian running for the hills.  You kept curling up like a turtle in his shell and I kept nailing you in the butt.  Honestly, the most fun I have had with you in awhile.
2/7/2013  You can chalk today as a day of up and downs.  We had your parent teacher conference and it was of course wonderful.  I think your teacher adores you and finds it hard to believe that you do not listen at home.   When you were asked on your goal sheets what do you want to improve on for the rest of the year?  Your response was, "I dont need to improve on anything I am a super star at everything."
2/8/2013  I always like Fridays because they re the kick off to the weekend.  We got to just hang out. Daddy had to go to work so you and Annie made a beach fort and had fun in there.  You then loved watching videos on aliens.  You are in the stage of searching for the truth on certain things like aliens, ghost and Bigfoot.  I love it.
2/9/2013  Oh my goodness I love beautiful days and today was one of them.  We were so busy doing swim, shopping, and cleaning (which was part of your punishment for being so naughty all week)  Parenting note:  When your children are disrespectful make them vacuum your vehicle.  I did this with you and I actually think you enjoyed it.  You even made a machine out of the vacuum to make it easier to suck up all the popcorn kernels.  The thing I liked most of all was the fact that when I asked if anyone wanted to go run  errands with me.  You volunteered  and said you didnt want me to feel sad if no one went with me. Thank you for going along with me I enjoyed it.
2/10/2013  Today was so much fun.  Even though I am always tired and want to just relax after church it was a beautiful day out.  This called for time out on the trampoline.  You asked me to come out and at first I said no.  I then came to the realization that in a few years you will not want to play with me.  So I changed out of my church clothes and went outside for the mud bath that awaited me.  We had fun getting Baxter to jump on the trampoline and acting like different animals.
2/11/2013  So today implemented the star motivation chart.  After the week I had with you last week I knew I needed to do something different in our home.  So last night your dad and I stayed up coming up with things we wanted done during the day and the point value.  Your first day you did amazing getting 26 stars.  You had to cash some in right away.  I think it is funny that you cashed in 15 of them to get to sleep with me.  I had no idea that you or your sister would actually use that one but you did.  You were so excited to get to sleep with me you even said, "I think I am going to do this every night.  I dont even care about the other things."  You are to funny and I am actually enjoying my time with you too.
2/12/2013  We had  a lot of fun tonight enjoying the beautiful weather.  We got to play with the Smith boys.  You had  a blast just running with them.  I could not be happier with the experiences you have had with them.  They will always be your best childhood friends.  I loved the best was your imaginary play with them.
2/13/2013  You had a day off school today and of course I wasnt feeling well.  You got to have the Smith boys over to play Just Dance 4 though so that was fun for you.  Later in the day Adrian came over and you guys got lost in play too.  It was nice having those friends to make your day fun.  I also think it is cute that you and your dad have been enjoying his time off.  I love how you guys have been doing your reading together since he is been on vacation.
2/14/2013  Happy Valentine's day to you my sweet boy.  I love you so much and was so excited to get to have an evening with you.  You helped me make a giant cookie.  Oh I cant recall if I recorded this or not but it just came into my mind.  But you have been obsessed with ghost and have been using my camera to create your own ghost illusions.  It is kind of funny.
2/15/2013  You finally lost a tooth.  It had been a long time coming.  Every child around you has been losing a tooth here and there.  The crazy part was it wasnt even that lose.  Your dad was getting ready for work and we hear, "HOLY CRAP my tooth came out."  I actually thought you were making it up so you could stay up later.  Sure enough you were gleaming with a tooth in your hand and blood on your chin.  You of course had to sleep with me tonight to wait on the tooth fairy.
2/16/2013  So you losing a tooth carries into today.  I was woken at 4:25 in the a.m. by you saying, "Mom, I think the tooth fairy is hiding behind the couch.  I can hear fluttering and there is something white floating too."  I then asked you what she left.  This is when you started sobbing because you noticed that your tooth was gone and she had left you nothing.  I reassured you that she did and I started pull back the sheets and searching for your money.  It was no where. I figured it had fallen behind the bed so at the we hours of the morning I was pulling the bed of the wall.  Low and behold it was there and you were excited.
2/17/2013  I loved today we got to go to Great Shislers house and he got to show off all of his guns.  You thought it was so neat and you said, "My dad's head would explode if he saw all of your guns."  You loved how big they were and how he had them all over his house.  Oh I also loved how you volunteered to read the scripture today in primary.  I was mostly proud that you pretty much read the whole thing by yourself.
2/18/2013   Oh my goodness you and Ellie Rehl were so darling today.  She had a Valentine's party at her house since you guys were out of school.  You guys played toss the marsh mellow into each others mouths.  You two were cracking up and she was giggling so cute like every girl would do around any cute boy.  That would be one match I would be just fine with, just so you know.
2/19/2013  Okay so there are some days that I am glad that you are still little because you still mix up how things are said.  I asked if you told Katie about your tooth and the tooth fairy.  You said, "Well yes I did druve down with her."  You were also so happy to tell Ms. Graves about your lost tooth.  What an exciting event for you.
2/20/2013  Before you got to rotten for the evening you did do something that was extremely kind.  I was playing board games with your sister in which she was beating me like always.  I acted sad and you came over and gave me a hug and patted my back to tell me it was okay.  Plus, after your holy fit you started buttering me up by making me special food and rubbing my back.  Might I add you are a very good back rubber.
2/21/2013  Oh my goodness what a day difference makes in you.  You came home from school and told me that you were going to be good and that is exactly what you were. You and I just went to the library together and you talked me ear off the whole way there.  I loved every minute of it.
2/22/2013  First snow day ever or should I say Ice Day?  You seriously never get a day off so when I told you, you were so excited.  We made muffins and spent the day watching movies and just taking the day off.
2/23/2013  Today in the car you were talking about when you grow up and get married.  Which is something you actually do a lot of.  You said, "Mommy, when I grow up and get married I am only going to play video games one day a week and spend the rest with my wife.  I know daddy plays a lot but he is still a good father, right?"  Yes and you guys have been playing all day.
2/24/2013  Sunday's are typical great days especially because of the time change now.  I love that we get to come home and enjoy the whole afternoon.  Today we were watching a movie which happened to have a very sad ending.  I started to cry and you had to point it out.  You could not believe that I would cry.  I cried and you laughed at me, thanks.
2/25/2013  We had one of those busy evenings where I felt like we get no time down.  However before I knew it we were watching a John Wayne movie.  You were so excited to watch this old movie,  During the previews you were happy to see there was a whole box set.  You begged me to get it for your birthday.  I will have to see what I can do.
2/26/2013  You know one thing I love about you?  Is how you always do what I ask even if I am going to be gone.  I had to take a dinner to a family from church and I asked you to make sure you did your reading and cleared your dinner plate plus empty the dishwasher and fill it.  When I was leaving you told your sister that you were in charge.  Humm a seven year old in charge of a four year.  Anyway, when I got home you did exactly what I asked.  You are such a honest kid, I love that about you.
2/27/2013  It is such a sight watching you and sister wiz by on your bikes.  She is now allowed to ride on the road as long as I am standing in the middle of the road.  Both your little legs peddle so fast it is so cute.  I love the size difference and you are always so good about letting her win.
2/28/2013  Oh my dear you are so sick.  You were complaining of your throat being sore but you didnt want to miss school because it was library day.  Oh so cute however when you got home you were down for the night.  You were complaining of being dizzy I had to carry you back to my bed.  All night you kept getting hotter and were moaning from pain.
3/1/2013 Your first missed day of school for the year.  You were so good this whole year but I couldnt send you into school today.  Instead you got to stay home and watch TV all day.  We also spent some time together building a Lego creation. Which you know how much I hate but I do it because I love you.
3/2/2013  So today you started to get a rash so I gave you a bath and while you were drying of your sister came in to use the bathroom.  You were so grossed out and said, "Yuck, girls are so alien.  They pee out of a hole."  I told you that you did too and you said, "No I pee out of a stick!"  Yep sounds pretty alien to me.
3/3/2013  We stayed home today because you indeed have strep throat.  I love the fact that you find joy in playing with your sisters hair and mine.  We were watching a princess movie, my choice.  I wanted to play with Ann's hair and you insisted that you could make it look like a princess.  It was kinda cute watching you struggling to put her hair in a pony tail. Reminded me of when I was getting ready to have you and your dad struggled to put my hair up because I lacked the motor skills at the time.  I think you both had the same sense of frustration.
3/4/2013  I have been having these feelings of sorrow and happiness all rolled into one.   You are changing right before my eyes.  You are taking off with reading.  You are learning your Articles of Faith like a champ.  My sweet boy you are turning into such a wonderful young boy.  You poses a kind heart, sweet spirit, and tenderness.  Oh my love you are so dear to my heart and it has been so wonderful this far watching you grow.
3/5/2013 Oh my goodness I seriously had a blast with you and your sister tonight.  You told me that Mr. Hower told you that you needed to go home and do the snow dance.  We put on Pandora and danced our hearts out.  You two also enjoyed running from me while I chomped you guys.  I guess that is what you call it.   To hear you two giggling made me smile from ear to ear.  You also did the most amazing robot dance I have ever seen from a seven year old boy.
3/6/2013  The snow danced worked.  We started off on a rocky start for the day but it ended well.  We had a blast.  You were so happy to play more Pandora Halloween music.  We also got to go ever to the Thurston's house for a while and play.   Just an all around good day makes me thinking more about homeschooling so I can spend more time with you.
3/7/2013  I swear you are the sweetest brother there is.  You remembered that today was your book fair day.  I didnt have any money to give to you, so you used your money.  You made sure that you had enough money to buy yourself and your sister a book each.  You then came home and read her book to her.
3/8/2013  I really do love Fridays.  We spent the evening riding bikes and enjoying each other.  I especially had fun while you and Annie tried to do killer sit ups while I was holding you.  I think on most days you guys think I am a jungle gym.
3/9/2013  You are such a funny boy you were in awe with the Smith's garage sale.  You had money to burn and you did just that.  However, your cuteness for the day was when we were spending the day outside and Annie wanted to make a bed on the ground.  She brought out your white blanket and you said, "Annie you cant bring my blanket out here.  It is as white as an angel."  I was cracking up.
3/10/2013 All I have to say about today is "Dont get on my freakin nerds!"  Ha Ha you are so funny.  I was cracking up and because it is nerves.  When I was talking about you said you know what I said do you need to get your hearing checked.  No I dont but maybe you need to.
3/11/2013  We had so much fun playing hid-n-seek tonight.  I was laying under a big pile of blankets with just my head sticking out.  You did not see me when you first came into the room and then I yelled Boo at you and you screamed.  Oh the joys of parenthood.
3/12/2013  HaHa so you got to experience your first pair of boxer briefs today.  You kept calling them very short shorts.  When I asked you to put pants on you said, "Why these work just fine?"  Uh because they are still underwear.
3/13/2013  You were so excited that there were green foot prints on your table at school.  You said that a leprechaun came to your classroom and his name was Lucky.   You told me that if you were good all week that he would leave you treasure.
3/14/2013  You make your mother so proud.  You came home telling me that Makala gave you her cheeseburger from lunch.  I asked if you ate all of your stuff and you told me yes plus her sandwich and you didnt have to pay for it.  The proud moment that it takes me back to my high school days when I would sit and wait for my friends to "be done" with their lunch.
3/15/2013  Today at school you got to have three wishes and the only two you shared or could remember were, "I wished for $1,000.00 and a limo."  I love how simple things are when you are young.
3/16/2013  Once again you  showed how you can be such an awesome brother.  You had a play date at the Thurston's and your sister was there too.  She once again was very sad and you tried to comfort her.  Natalie said you were asking her how you could make her feel better.  Seriously love that you are such a great big brother.
3/17/2013 Today was so sweet besides you waking my up at 5 because the leprechaun came.  He toilet papered our house and left you guys golden candy.  The best was when we got home from church and you said, "You know mom I like going to church it makes me feel good inside."  I think someone is preparing for baptism.  Oh I love it so much.
3/18/2013 On evenings like this I love being a mom. I got to listen to you read a book I got you from the library and I was blown away about how well you did.  You were so excited that your teacher moved you up a level.  You are well on your way to being at the second grade level which is right on target.  I also loved that I had to run to the grocery and while I was gone you put all your clothes away like I asked.  You are a gem.  I also loved how you were dragging your sister to bed.  Seriously the fact that you still need her to sleep is darling to me.
3/19/2013  Oh my goodness today would have to go down for one of the saddest days of my life for you.  You came out of school clearly upset and buried your head into my stomach.  I thought you did something at school that was bad and you having this big moral compass couldn't handle it.  You said it was something you did at home and you knew I would spank you.  I told you that I couldn't spank you or discipline you for something that I didn't know about.  When we got home and got Adrian out the door the flood gates opened.  You ran to your bed and was sobbing.  I told you that it was not good to keep secrets from me and that you could tell me anything.  That is when you said, "I dont believe anymore."  I was thinking Santa,  Tooth Fairy or Easter Bunny.  But you then said, "I dont believe in Jesus.  My brain is telling me that he is not real."  I started crying with you and holding you.  The whole evening I tried to explain to you how truly real He is.  Made me realize how much Satan can start working on young children when they are so close to baptism.  I can testify to you that Christ is indeed real.  I know this with my whole heart.  He did die for our sins so we can return to live with Heavenly Father again.  This will come to pass my sweet boy.  The Savior loves you my dear.
3/20/2013 Today Daddy gave you a blessing that was so sweet.  I hope that it starts to make you feel better.  The spirit was so strong and the words were so dear.  I know you are a smart boy and are very in tune with the spirit for being so young. You will get the answer that you are meant to get.
3.21.2013  So your week just got harder the Smith's are for sure moving.  You saw a sign in the yard that said "For rent"  You said, "That means someone is going to borrow their house."
3/22/2013  We had a sleep over at the Simcox house.  You had an absolute blast with Connor.  Jen said you guys were up really late just talking. Your dad had to call to make sure that you didnt play any "M" rated video games because he told me that you told him you were worried about it.  I seriously love your moral compass always concerned with doing what is right.
3/23/2013 I was watching you do your backstroke in the pool and when you got done, you looked up blew me a kiss.  It was seriously the sweetest thing ever.
3/24/2013  Well I think going to church today helped  you feel better.  However, the lesson was on the gift of the Holy Ghost.  You showed me your picture and I was thinking "Huh?"  Your teacher told me it was the Holy Ghost giving directions.  The picture showed this elaborate kitchen with open flames on the stove with people cooking.  Well I guess some people need direction in the kitchen.
3/25/2013  Ha so I think you may get bored at school sometimes.  I found one of the worksheets that you had to do and you had this very detailed picture drawn all the way around the worksheet.  Something tells me you must have gotten done quickly.
3/26/2013  I love to listen to your imagination run wild.  Even though you are seven you will still sit in the hall and make a big production out of your Legos.  I would have to say this is one of my most favorite characteristics that you have.  I hope you will always have this imagination.
3/27/2013 At dinner tonight I told you that I needed to cut your hair.  You said, "No, I want to go to the Barbara instead."
3/28/2013  Today you got to spend the night at Connor's again.  You said, "He is my best friend forever."  I think the Smith boys leaving is starting to get to you.  I am glad however that you have Connor to be your friend.  You guys were cute playing out in his woods.  I seriously just love everything about you.
3/29/2013  Today you got to spend another day with Connor.  He taught you how to burn rubber with your bike wheels.  Oh the look on your face when you did it the first time.  It was really cute.
3/30/2013 Wow to learning lessons from your own choices.  Today I let your guilt be your punishment. You thought you were being funny when you took my mouth guard and threw it across the room. While you threw it you said, "I had a dream that your mouth guard broke."  It hit the bathroom floor and broke into pieces.  You instantly started crying.  I needless to say was not the happiest person since I need it to sleep so I can wake up without headaches and my teeth hurting.  Not to mention it is going to cost a lot of money to replace.  However, it made me realize how much I love you and how fast I could forgive you.  It made me reflect on our Heavenly Father's love for us and how His forgiveness is the greatest blessing we could ask for.
3/31/2013  Today was Easter and it was such a beautiful day.  My favorite part was you playing soccer in the backyard with the Smith boys after our annual Easter dinner.
4/1/2013  HaHa you have been waiting for this holiday for months.  You honestly think April 1st is an actual holiday.  So when you woke up I told you that the Easter bunny brought you another basket.  You were so excited you started looking all over the living room.  After a minute or so I said, "April fools."  You did not think that was funny at all.  So for the rest of the day you tried to get me.
4/2/2013  Tonight during dinner Uncle Colin was spelling the word shotgun and you said, "Oh you are talking about guns."  He laughed and said, "Oh I cant spell around him."  You then said, "Yeah you should just spell it backwards n-u-g."  Ha Ha you are so funny.
4/3/2013  You are getting to be a big kid and only doing big kid things is what you want to do.  It was so cute today how you wanted to just be next to your dad and Uncle Colin.   Glad you could make memories with them.  I would have to say I think Uncle Colin is one of your favorites.
4/4/2013 Today we walked and walked all around DC.  It was the high light of our spring break.  It was just a wonderful day full of first.  We got to ride the Metro, buy food from a street vendor and tour the Natural Museum of History.  I would have to say for all the walking we did you guys were troopers.  I enjoyed having you next to me in the metro holding my hand most of all.
4/5/2013  You were looking at pictures in your Grandpa and Grandma Edward's dining room and said, "Hey, Mom come here."  I came and you pointed at the picture and asked, "Are these are incestors?" Ha Ha you always mess up words but you get it honest.
4/6/2013  We got to drive home today.  One thing that captured my eyes were when you and your sister were in the back of the car you covered her up with your blanket when she feel asleep.  At moments like this I cannot get over what a great big brother you are.
4/7/2013  Today we had General Conference and got to stay home.  It was so nice getting to spend time with you and your sister.  Reese jabbed me in the eye and I was in so much pain.  I actually had blurred vision for the evening.  You took such great care of me.  I also had so much fun coloring with chalk outside with you.  I love that you can still enjoy doing the little things in life.
4/8/2013  Today was the first day without the Smith boys in the car.  I was actually sad to not have the normal chatter.  However, I did manage to get a laugh.  I was driving  and thought I had time to go up the lane but it was getting skinner and I had cars coming at me.  You said, "Oh no Mom you are breaking the log."  Haha seriously kid you make me laugh so much.
4/9/2013  Proud moment as we are driving home today Adrian told me that one of the teachers said that you were such a well mannered boy.  You then said, "Yeah I asked for a napkin and said please and thank you. She asked me who taught me my manners?  And I said my mom."  Oh thank you for being that good boy that I know you are.
4/10/2013 I felt bad today because I barely got to see you because it was your first day of soccer for spring.  I then had a Relief Society activity.   The thing I loved was the excitement that you had for seeing your friend Issac.  The whole way to practice you were asking how many months it was since you last seen him.  Plus, you got to have practice with the Smith boys.
4/11/2013  This evening you got up and said, "I am sweating bullets down my back. You want some?"  You then picked up your shirt and started firing them away.
4/12/2013  You had another day to ride home with the Smith boys I would say it was the last ride. You guys had a blast just cracking up and I loved every minute of it.
4/13/2013 Two for the day:  We were headed to your soccer game and I said, "Ross, you will need a coat."  You replied, "I don't need a coat.  I was born in October so I am use to this weather."  The next one: We were driving past a Baptist church. You are still learning how to read well so when we went past the church you read the sign, "That church is called the bastards." Umm no but nice try.
4/14/2013  Yesterday we got to have some Mom and Ross time while Annie was at a birthday party.     You got to spend your long saved money on a Lego set.  When I woke up this morning I thought you were in the living room have screen time and you were hard at work putting your set together all by yourself.   You played with it all day making it drive through the tail grass in search for its treasure.  You even painted my toe nails outside including your sisters.  I told you that one day when you have a wife you can paint her nails.  You said, "I think I will buy her nail polish as a gift. Do you think she will like it?  Will she give me a big kiss?"  Oh yes she will who ever that lucky girl will be.
4/15/2013  You know you are seven and a half and you still need your Momma to sleep.  I am not complaining.  I actually eat it up, you came out of your room and curled up in my arms and fell fast asleep.  You also confirmed today that I am the number one person in your life.  I will take it.
4/16/2013  You were so tired after school.  Today your class went on a field trip which I couldnt go because of the recenter.  When I asked who you sat with you told me Brady and Hailey Johnson.  Can I just say that I think it is so cute that you are such good friends with this Hailey.  She was the new girl that moved in and I think you two have become really good friends.  She is always writing notes to you which is something that you do in class for writing exercises.  But seriously it is so cute.
4/17/2013  You got to bring home your journal that you have been keeping at school all year long.  I absolutely loved it.  I could hardly wait till I got home to read your entries.  I loved that you always wrote about your dogs and oh how you spelled things killed me.  The only sad part is when I got to the part where your dad was suppose to take you camping and he didnt because he was not feeling well.  You started to scribble it out.  Break my heart I think it would kill your dad even more.
4/18/2013  Oh my gosh you are so cute.  I came to pick you up and you had won a poster from the library.  It was a picture of a shining yellow Ferrari.  You could not wait to show your dad.  When I was little I never won anything, so I was so happy for you.
4/19/2013  Friday's are always a happy day.  I of course still worked on mulching and you got to have time outside.  I noticed something today I am starting to get a little more trusting or lean.  When I was put mulch in the back you were riding your bike in the front.  Okay so I know this sounds crazy but seriously I still feel like I cant keep my eye of you because it just scares me.  You are getting older and every time I said your name you answered right back.  I just hate that this is the world that we live in now.  When I was a child I would ride my bike all the way around the block and that was a three mile block.  Times are changing that is for sure.  I guess what I am saying is I am starting to see that you are getting bigger and I can let go some.  Makes me sad.
4/20/2013  Wow we had quite a day.  You helped me move mulch and then we got to go swimming together.  Your sister had to stay home because she hurt her leg.  So it was kind of like a mother/son day.  You had to pass off a swimming test in order to go off the diving board by yourself.  You did amazing no problem.  I had a blast jumping with you.  Of course you had to yell at me for holding my nose.  Something you dont do and that makes you awesome but I never had swim lessons like you.  Then to end the day we built a fire pit and built our first camp fire to make smores. Perfect day if I do so say myself.
4/21/2013  As we were going into the church you saw blue broken glass all over the drive way you said, "I know what kind of bottle that is.  It's a air bud one because the glass is all blue"  HaHa its bud light not a dog.  You are so cute.
4/22/2013  You finally got a day with the Smith boys.  When I came to pick you up you were hiding under the bed.  When I actually got you in the car your mouth was going a mile a minute.  You were telling me about your music teacher and how you got to taste coconut and a dry peach slice.  I also thought it was funny when you started singing, "A dow a deer a female deer."  I then started to sing along and you couldnt believe that I knew the words.
4/23/2013   So we were working on your homework tonight with you and all your humility.  You say. "Yeah this stuff is pretty easy.  I am one of the smartest kids in my class."  You then proceeded list the other few children in your class that are as smart as you.  I guess you were just excited because you went up another level.
4/24/2013  It was a very rain miserable day so we got to stay in for the evening.  I really like days like this it is just slow paced and I get to snuggle you guys.  I thought it was sweet that you wrote your dad a note at school and wanted to wish him well.  You are always writing him at school asking if you guys can watch Top Gear together.  I love how you sign your letters to him, love your son.  What an honor it is to have you as our son.  You make me proud on a daily basis.  I think a lot of has to do with your gentle nature. I just melt at your kindness to everyone you meet.
4/25/2013  You were showing me this thing you did on slaves.  You then asked, "Mom, did you have slaves when you were growing up?"  Uhh no child I am not that old.  But I am sure I gave those very same questions to my parents.
4/26/2013  I was talking to you dad this morning and asked if he slept or had been up.  He said that he slept on the couch because he didnt want to have me do it.  That is because you and your sister were sleeping in our bed with me.  You said, "Are you being romantic right now?"  HaHa you said it in the most grossed out voice ever.  And no that was not your dad being romantic he was just being kind.
4/27/2013  You got to have your friend Isaac over today after your soccer game.  You had so much fun we even let you buy the game Minecraft.  You were through the roof with excitement.  It is all you could talk about for the rest of the day.  Your one funny was when we got our fortune cookies with our Chinese food.   You said, "I cannot wait to see what my legend is."
4/28/2013  You truly are a kind boy.  I think I tell you this on a daily basis.  I love how you get excited about things.  You could not wait to show me your Minecraft house.  Then you were so quick to help make decorations for Annie's birthday.  You are such a sweet boy.
4/29/2013  It is settled you are in love.  Maddy is the girl you desire.  You have not stoppd talking about all the things you have n common "peanut butter, soccer, eye color, hair and you are both silly."  I am glad that you see the personality.  Also, durng dinner you said,  "life is wonderful and you need to get to the finish.  So I need to get married get old than older then die.  Then finish back to heaven."  Isn't that the truth.
4/30/2013 This mornng you were having a hard time getting your zipper up because something was stuck.  I said, "It's not your penis is it?  That would hurt."  You said, "No, I would know my antenna is attached."
5/1/2013  Love is in the air you brought out all your silliness around Maddy at soccer practice.   Oh my you and Reid were making all your crudeness to catch Maddy's attention.  I dont know how that will work out for you.
5/2/2013  We toured your new school today and it is a keeper.  When Mr. Probst asked you what you liked most about school and you said, "I like math"  Good job buddy way to impress the new principle.  We also got to see Connor in the building so that helped put your mind at ease.
5/3/2013  So your cousin AC came up with Mammaw and you had a blast with him.  You two actually have a lot of the same personality.  Before he came up you were so worried that he was a mean kid and that he was the one that was mean to you.  You guys had a blast playing imagination games outside.  We also go to do a fire pit.  You two then played Minecraft until 11.  A fun evening with a cousin, so much fun.
5/4/2013   Today was Mommy's big run but I made it back in time for you game.   I felt bad though because I was so sore that I couldnt set up the tent for a camp out like I promised you.  You started to cry and told me that I never keep my promises.  Which broke my heart because I usually always keep my word.
5/5/2013  We were watching a movie and the princess was like mother nature.  The animals were following her around and you said, "She is like Mammaw Nature."  Haha you are so funny.
5/6/2013  You are such a funny kid.  Jadyn's Mom was telling me that you told her that you really wanted to have a play date with Jadyn but you had "a very busy schedule like on Saturday you had soccer and had to see Maddy the girl you were going to marry on that day.  Then on Sunday you had church."  I guess you seemed very put out that you had such a busy schedule because you really wanted to have a play date with him.
5/7/2013  You got to take a personal day off of school, translation you stayed home for Annie's birthday party.  You were such a big helper, I loved that you helped conduct the games.  You were a little sad that she wasnt very grateful for your presents but she did like the big purple ball you got her.  You two had a lot of fun throwing that thing back and forth to each other. I love to hear you two giggle back and forth over this.
5/8/2013  Well today you had a broken heart.  Isaac told you that Maddie no longer liked you.  You said, "I dont know how she could like me so long and then I start to like her for only two weeks and then she doesnt like me anymore."  I said, "Welcome to the life of girls."  You seemed pretty pleased when I told you to say that you dont like her anymore and like one of her sisters.  That is  a way to really get to a girl.
5/9/2013  Today you were drawing in your notebook and you started asking me all the things I dont like doing around the house.  I think so of my favorite pictures were the "dishanator" to do my dishes and the "tighty whitey" to do my cleaning.  Haha you are so funny I love how your mind. goes.
5/10/2013  You lost your iPod time because you were being so disrespectful but you soon earned it back when I made a deal with you to clean up the living room because daddy was having friends over in 20 minutes.  You did an amazing job.  What amazes me is that you can manage to clean up in 15 minutes which usually takes you guys all day to do.  Anyway,  after the big clean up we went over to the Rappleye's to play.  It thought it was funny that Levi came down not too long after we were there to tell us that you were asleep in his bed.
5/11/2013  A busy soccer game followed by a trip to Dayton for Ann's birthday party.  I loved how you were such a big help with Annie when opening her presents.  You read her all of her cards.  I love to listen to you read you are getting better and better every day.
5/12/2013  Happy Mother's day to me because of you I earned the title mother.  It was actually a horrible start of the day.  It was like any other day I was looked over.  After church you told me to get in bed and lay down and you would do anything for me that my heart desired.  Thank you I love you my dear son.
5/13/2013  So I guess not all days can have a good report, but today you made a choice that was not a good one.  Jordyn Simcox came in from outside and said you peed on the fence and she could see.  Oh boy did you get a talking to and I think sometimes that is all it takes with you.  You are such a tender boy with such a guilty conciseness and you felt horrible.  You told me that you were sorry.
5/14/2013  I always enjoy the days when I just get to sit next to you and not do a whole lot for the day.  I actually heard a song that took me back to the days when you were a little guy dancing around the living room to your favorite movie Cars.  Even when I looked at you in my rear view mirror I could still see my sweet little guy and it tugged at my heart.  Today was just an embrace you day.
5/15/2013  Oh to the last day of practice and to dinner with the Smith boys.  It was so nice to go before hand and get to have dinner with them since we never get to see them anymore.  I thought it was cute how you and Reid both got the sour green apple slush.  He followed your lead because he had never had that flavor but he liked it.
5/16/2013  Tonight you had your spring concert and you did great.  When Mrs. Gardner asked who wanted to sing the solo.  I could tell on your face that you wanted to raise your hand but you were unsure.  I encouraged you to raise your hands as much as I could encourage from my seat. You then raised your hand so high and stood so straight.  When she picked you, you gave me the evil eye.  But you did so good.
5/17/2013  Today was your field day and I got to come to the afternoon part.  One thing I can say for you is how protective you are of your sister.  You guys were waiting in line for a bounce house and you sat there with your little arms around her.  After that we went to many other activities and on the last one you came up to me and said, "I think I have a tick back here."  I combed my fingers through the back of your hair and sure enough that gross parasite was attached to you.  You are now afraid to go outside for fear of getting another tick on yourself.  I will say this when the nurse removed it you did not freak out or flinch.  You then had to show it off to all of your friends.
5/18/2013  It was your last soccer game and it was so bitter sweet.  It was the last time you will play with the Smith boys.  I thought it was funny at the end when you were getting your trophy and Coach Brant told the story how you asked him if you could date his daughter when you were only 5 years old.  You stood there plugging your ears in embarrassment.
5/19/2013  Here is to a camp weekend that will be filled with fun memories.  On our way to the camp site you had a blast riding up with Jadyn and Hayden.  It was seriously the most crazy I have ever seen you but in a good way.  Watching the three of you dance to Gangnam Style was quite entertaining to say the least.
5/20/2013  You and your friends were shining stars on the paddle boat.  You guys put us to shame.   I did get the last trip with just you out on the lake and of course that is when you tell me that you had to pee.  Good thing we were the only campers in the whole camp site because you stood proudly while peeing off the side.
5/21/2013  Today and yesterday you and Jadyn had a blast swimming together in the pool.  I thought it was funny that you guys were "saving babies from the bottom of the pool."  The thing that impressed me the most was how quick you could retrieve something of the bottom of the pool.
5/22/2013  I am so sorry today I was late picking you up from school, I always feel bad when you are the last one standing there.  Bethany was standing with you though and you were quite disappointed when I pulled up because she was getting ready to take you to her house.  Oh you also told me that today you did indeed believe Jesus and he was in your heart.  I cannot tell you how happy I was to hear you say that.
5/23/2013  Ha Ha today when I came to pick you up from school, you and Jadyn were doing a secret hand shake.  I thought it was so cute you then tried to teach me but apparently I am unteachable.  I didn't do it right.  I am just sad that this little friendship is coming to a close.
5/24/2013  In the car coming home from school you told me that you said a prayer while you were at school.  You asked Heavenly Father to bless you and to help your ribs to start feeling better.  I asked you if they started feeling better and you said "Yes, they felt better for the rest of the day."  I am so grateful that you can have those little testimony builders.
5/25/2013  We had a fun cleaning playing day.  We did the cleaning then playing game.  I actually had a blast playing soccer with you, Annie and Reese.  These are the moments I will lock away in my memory.
5/26/2013  You were my only companion today for church.  Annie stayed home because she was so sick.  I also had to give a talk today and I am so glad that I didnt have to think twice about you when I was up there.  You seriously are that kind of kid, you know just good.
5/27/2013 Today was Memorial Day we went to the church picnic and it was pouring down rain.  That didnt matter to you though.  You had so much fun just running around being a boy.  Afterwards we went to the Simcox house I just felt bad that Connor wasnt there for you.  However, you soon learned that his sister Jordyn could be just as fun.  You two were pretend playing black ops.  Which is actually a shooting game.  Seriously made me laugh to see you and her going around the house Marine crawling around with play guns in your hands.
5/28/2016  We are closing in on your last days at Cedarwood.  I will admit I am starting to have mix feelings about it all.  You have flourished there but I will glad when the drive is over.  However, I love our little talks we get when we are driving.  You once again told me how you said a personal prayer at school today.  I love how you are really building your testimony of prayer.  I am also concerned that you said it was your rib cage hurting again.  Oh yeah and tonight while eating an apple you came out with a piece of apple to show me your carving knife teeth, you crack me up.
5/29/2013  You had your awards assembly today at school and I loved that when you woke you were wearing dress pants and your blue dress shirt.  It took a lot of convincing that you didnt need to be that dressed up and you would get hot.  At the assembly you were awarded the principals award and I was so proud of you it is the top award.  You told me afterwards, "I wasnt surprised at all I knew I would get a second piece of paper."  Ha think we need to work on humility.  Then again you were really good all year long.
5/30/2013  Today was your last day of school and at Cedarwood.  I have so many mixed feelings about the change but I hope it will be  a better school for you.
5/31/2013  First day of summer vacation and it was jammed pack.  We went to the zoo, Alum Creek and then to the Rehls for dinner.  Besides the crazy yelling mom that I had to pull out because you were so off the hook.  The thing I liked most about the day was getting to feed the sting rays with you.
6/1/2013  So today I said a bad word again and of course you were laying down in my bed without me knowing.  I was upset about a medical charge.  I then apologized and said I shouldnt have said that word.  You then said, "What word? I didn't know bullet was a bad word?"  Haha loved that is what you heard and not my real potty mouth word.
6/2/2013  Today we went to Vanessa's baby shower and you were unsure if you wanted to go or stay home with Boogie.  When you asked if there was going to be good food and I said yes you were sold.  You also got to throw a football with Phil and I got to see how good you could throw.  This was the first time you have ever thrown a football.
6/3/2013  So today was an adventurous day at home.  While doing yard work I ran my hand over a toad and now he is our pet.  You were gleaming.  His name is Thunderstrike.   The make my heart melt moment was when your sister took a dive on the walk all because Reese saw a squirrel.  You put her up on your bike seat and walked her home because she was all scrapped up.
6/4/2013  So your gleam was soon shot down today.  I killed your toad.  I didnt know that it would suffocate in the container.  I checked on him and he was okay an hour later we checked on him and he was dead.  I figured it was pretty cool out so he would be fine but the sun took over the shade where he was.  I felt so bad for the rest of the day.  I do not have a good track record when it comes to amphibians.
6/5/2013  We went to the fountains downtown and I think it is safe to say that you are getting to old for things like this.  Maybe it was really just too cold but you just walked beside me with this blah look on your face.  You are such an honest kid though.  We paid to park at a meter and I knew my time was going to run out so we hiked it back to realize we had 10 minutes left.  You watched those minutes like crazy as soon the time was up you
6/6/2013  Oh Oh to the lazy days of a very cold start to the summer.  I had big plans for this week but it all kind of got changed around but we made the best of it.   I got to clean the garage while you guys played on your bikes.  You tried to  make your own motor for your bike.  I also loved hearing you pretend play police with your own dogs.
6/7/2013  Today was a day when I was reminded of how much you are still my little boy.  We went to a new metro park today that had a natural play area and it was a living nightmare.  The whole group that was there started off on the off beat path but soon realized that we should turn back.  So I decided  I would go ahead and take you and the other big boys.  It was a woods full of poison ivy, heavy thorns, mosquitoes, and fallen trees.   You and I of course were not dressed for the adventure because honestly I went by what the pictures showed me on the website.   It was seriously such an awful experience.  It crushed my heart to see you so upset in front of your friends.  It showed me that you were still so young and my boy.  You kept getting caught in the thorns in your poor flip flops.  By the end I was carrying you through the woods.  It was a lesson to me that no matter how hard it gets for you in your life I will be there to carry you through my dear boy.
6/8/2013  This evening you got to see the Singleton boys, Logan and Christian, at a graduation party.  it was kind of funny because you were just asking about them last week wondering how big they were and if they would remember you.  You seriously played with them all evening.  There was a big bounce house and I could barely get you to leave.  You kept asking for five more minutes.  At times like this I am pretty lenient.
6/9/2013  You are such a funny kid.  You hair is getting so long and of course Autumn saw it and loved it.  Then Katie said she liked it.  You then replied, "See now I have two votes for my hair."  You stinker, I actually like your hair its your dad that wants it clean cut.
6/10/2013  Oh my goodness you were reunited with the Smith boys today and it was the sweetest embrace ever.   You guys seriously had the cutest group hug ever in the hallway.  You guys kept telling each other how much you guys missed each other.
6/11/2013  You know sometimes brain picks up on so many things and I want to remember them and then it leaves me by the time I sit down at the computer.  What I can say about today is we had a blast with the Smith boys at the beach.  However, I was surprised that you would not go farther out in the water evening when you thought your sister struggling in the water.
6/12/2013  You could not have seen me get out the door fast enough to spend the evening with your daddy.  I am glad that you stayed awake until I got home.  It was late too.  So glad you got that Dad time you have been wanting.
6/13/2013  Okay I am making this declaration as of today, you are no longer allowed brown eyed girls.  You have now decided that you are going to marry Jordyn Simcox.  She said she would marry you too and now you guys have been playing all day today.
6/14/2013  We got to go to Natalie's house today for swimming.  I stopped and picked up pizza and might I add you are turning into a big eater.  I think you ate at least four pieces.  The funny thing is I tried to get away with paying for it and when we got home there was money coming out of the mailbox. You could not believe there was money coming out of the mail.  I knew right away what it was but you were taking claim to all of it because you found it.
6/15/2013  You know when it comes right down to it you are really just an amazing little guy.  I can always count on you to help me.  I asked that you guys clean up the backyard.  Sure enough you were the one that pretty much did all the work.
6/16/2013  So we went to the Simcox's house this evening to drop things off to them.   I guess Jordyn told you that you werent her boyfriend anymore. You got in the car and said, "Man I hate girls."  HaHa I had to remind you that you were young and Jordyn was even younger.  You just needed to give it time.
6/17/2013  The road trip with you was not the most fun lets just say that.  You were complaining the whole time, I was so tempted to turn around and take you home.  Made me realize that a trip to Florida is out of the question.  What amazes me is that with modern technology you still managed to be bored.
6/18/2013  Oh my goodness we discovered how to dig for crabs today at the beach.  We met these nice locals that taught us all about it.  It seriously entertained us all morning.  Even though the weather is least desirable we are making the best of this trip.  I also felt so sad for you at dinner because you were having your chest pains again.  When we get home that is priority number one.
6/19/2013  Oh my goodness the weather broke and we had the time of our life on the beach.  I didnt put my suit on but I should have.  I was going to just walk along the shore line and go in knee deep.  That was soon changed when a wave soaked us.  We then built a sand castle together and made trenches around it and waited to see how long it would take the waves to take it out.  I had a blast having this time with you.
6/20/2013  Today you were kind of ungrateful but I did get to have a special moment with you.  As a family we went the boardwalk and rode the  Ferris wheel together.  Mind you both Daddy and I are not big height fans but we did it both for you.  You said, " I am no scared because you are next to me."
6/21/2013  Today was Daddy and I's ten year anniversary so I felt like I hardly got to see you.  But one fun thing we did was decorate shells with our cousins and you always did some awesome buckeye hero drawing,  You did a Michigan hero first just to ruffle my feathers you stinker.
6/22/2013  This morning we were in the living room and you were getting popcorn to eat and you said, "Hell yeah!"  I asked you what you just said I had to quickly tell you that you are suppose to say Heck.  You had no clue that you just said a bad word.
6/23/2013  Today was a day that I hope is not repeated for a very long time.  I honestly think it is just time to go home.  You guys have been fighting so bad.  We left church and came home and we all took naps.  On a better note you were reading like crazy today.  I am so proud of how well you are doing in reading.
6/24/2013  Today we had a day that we got to play in Aunt Lulu's backyard in the sprinkler.  I had a blast running around in the yard battling you and your sister.  The best part of the day was when we got to go to the yogurt store.  Lets just say it is safe to say you had the garbage can of toppings on yours.
6/25/2013  On our drive home you said, "Mom is the word damage a bad word since it has that word in it?"  You are so funny.  Another tender moment is when I was having major pain on the way to pick up the dogs and I looked in the rear view mirror and both you and your sister's heads were bowed in a silent prayer.
6/26/2013  Your big cousins were in today and you had a blast playing video games with them.  It was cute to see you on the couch sandwiched between them.
6/27/2013  We discovered a little tree growing in the front yard.  It was one I actually tried to transplant and I thought it didnt take so I mowed it over.  But sure enough it was alive.  I loved sitting outside by it with you and your sister.  We measured it and gave it the name Buddy.  I love doing little things like this with you.
6/28/2013   Today was a fun day of swimming and having a guy day with Connor.  Mommy had a show to go to and you went to the Sines house and got to spend the whole time playing video games with Connor.
6/29/2013  Today was a down day we still got to swim and by the way I think Jordyn still secretly likes you.  You are so oblivious and I think it is funny.   Her mom told me that she kept asking if you were coming swimming and she asked why.  Jordyn then said it was because you make funny faces and make her laugh.  Come to think of it you really do make funny faces a lot.
6/30/2013  You made my birthday so magical.  Today was your first day of making me brownies for my birthday.  The whole day you treated me so sweet by making me dinner and just loving on me.
7/1/2013  Not by choice but you were giving a little light on what happens to your body while you are going through puberty.   Payton decided to fill you in on it.  One thing I am grateful for is I think it went right over your head.  I will let your dad have that talk with you but I will keep you a little innocent for at least a couple of years.
7/2/2013  So today you said the microwave was sparking.  Your dad asked if you had your fork in the microwave and you said yes.  He also asked you how long you were microwaving your food and you said, "I dont know I am just hitting random numbers."  HaHa
7/3/2013  Today you seriously swam from noon to 9:30.  You are by far a fish.  It was seriously a wonderful day, it was a little piece of heaven.
7/4/2013  Well today  was the forth and we spent the time at Holly's.  There were a bunch of children there we didnt know and one of them was mean to your sister.  I loved that you hunted that boy down with your friends Conner and Caleb.  You are such a protector all ready.
7/5/2013  So today was a big day of cleaning but during your lunch you asked me to get you a refill on your drink.  I stood up to get it for you and you insisted that I sit down.  By that point I had already filled your cup.  You said to me, "I just wanted to get it myself because you already have to do so much around the house."  I love you boy!!!
7/6/2013 Today we left for our trip to VA, it was such a nice drive.  Seriously you and AC just talked and played games the whole way there.  You also got treated like the big kid since you got to help your sister a lot while I drove.  And of course you had to freak out when I asked you to take your seat belt off and get something.  The whole time you kept saying I am going to die.  Oh my goodness you are so dramatic.
7/7/2013  First day at the beach and it was fantastic.  Yes it was crazy hot but the thing I loved the most is how you were so willing to help with Logan.  He is such a treasured spirit and you were so gentle.
7/8/2013 Today you got to get some Navy things at the Navy exchange.  You looked adorable wearing your little hat.  Kenton is seriously one of your heroes.
7/9/2013 One thing I have noticed this summer is being at the beach with you this summer has totally turned me into such kid.  Today we walked all over the beach burring jelly fish that were washing up on the shore.  We dug and dug in the sand.  To end the day we saw dolphins so close to the shore they were within reach of us.   Today was seriously one of the greatest days with you.
7/10/2013  We had to leave to come home today and it was sad to leave Logan.  In the short time that we were there he grew to love you.  When you were down on his level reading to him or just on the floor he constantly had to rub your head.  Even when we got home from the beach yesterday when he saw you he said, "Rossi is here."
7/11/2013  We got to go and explore a cavern today and it was so much fun.   On thing I love about you is how you are so good at picking treasures for keepsakes.  Of course you started off looking at the cheapest things in the room.  I had to encourage to pick something a little more sentimental.  You ended up with a treasure box and a crystal to go in it.  To you it was such a prized treasure.
7/12/2013  I love the days when we just have lazy days.  We had such a nice time just unpacking and getting the house in order.  We then had your friends over and lets just say you and Connor have become best of buds.  You were naming your best friends but Parker, Reid and Grayden still took the number one spot.  Like they count as one person.
7/13/2013  You win the patience award today.  You took the time to teach your sister how to play Minecraft.  It was funny listening to you two play the game.  Like you saying try not destroy your tree house, or Rossi I wont die because I am in creabitive.   Your conversation just kept going on and on.  She pretty much had no clue what she was doing but you did most her moving around.
7/14/2013  Today was a great day which I love Sunday's just for that reason.  I loved that I got to take a nap while you and your sister played so nicely.  Typical this doesn't happen for me.  I think it is because you got to help your sister more on Minecraft.
7/15/2013  Fun day at the beach.  The water was so green and brown you did a lot of "transporting" in the water.  It was actually so funny you would go so low in the water that I seriously couldnt see you then you would pop out of the water somewhere else.
7/16/2013  So today was a first for me, I have never in my life just caught you off guard and slapped you.  But you have been getting really smart with your mouth and being disrespectful.  Your dad asked you to do something and you were giving him lip as you were walking to do it.  This pretty much set the tone for the day.  It did get better later in the evening but man I dont know what to do with you.  Autumn posted something on facebook about different types of children and come to find out you feel under the sensitive child category.  Yep it explained you really well.  I will try more patience with you.
7/17/2013  Watching you trying to master your dive today in the pool was entertaining.  You look more like sky diving in a ball into the pool. It was so funny.  We will get it down eventually.
7/18/2013  Today was another day at the pool.  I actually enjoyed my time with you guys before everyone else arrived.  I got to judge you on your cannon balls and lets just say you did the most perfect ones.  I thought it was funny how I would give you a score each time and you kept adding them up.
7/19/2013  We had a blast all day swimming and going to a pond party.  You are my most cautious child ever.  There was a zip line and despite your best effort you just couldn't do it.   It broke my heart you just buried your little head in me with tears down your face.
7/20/2013  This day was hand downs the worst day of my life. You however always manage to brighten my day.   You came back and laid your little head on my chest and said, "I love you forever."  You seemed to know what to do in my time of need.
7/21/2013  You went to Jen's house after church and you had a great time.  I was still having my time to myself today.  I do love how genuine you are.  Even when I thought I didnt want to go to church today you were very persistent about going.  I am glad that I did go though because the talk was exactly what I needed.
7/22/2013  It always seems that Monday's are a day of leisure.  Today was not different from that. You enjoyed playing Minecraft which I dont get the game. You can manage to make some pretty cool clubs on the game though.
7/23/2013  We went on a tour of Columbus today with the missionary that taught Mommy parent's.   We got to go to the North Market which is somewhere we have never been before.  You were so polite.  And when Don asked you what you would like you said, "A burger"  He then started calling you the meat boy which is so true.  You have always loved meat.
7/24/2013  We went fishing today and you finally got to catch your first fish ever.  A couple of summers ago you had fished for weeks straight throughout the summer and never caught a single thing.  I loved the smile on your face and your determination to do it all.  I loved that I could teach you how to fish.  Seriously you are such a great kid.
7/25/2013  So you were wiggling your gross tooth.  Seriously this thing just needs to come out.  You said, "I dont want it to come out.  I want to keep my friend in my mouth."  You are so funny so when did teeth become friends.
7/26/2013   You had fun tonight at your friends house Parker Bailey's.  I got to come along too but it was mostly so you could have a day with him.  It was movie night at their house.  I am glad that you have him as a friend.  When I asked him to find you on the playground on the first day at school he agreed.  I think I might have embarrassed you.  I just know you are so nervous about it and so am I.  I think that is my job to worry though.
7/27/2013   This evening was such a fun time.  We went to  the Simcox's house to ride bikes.  You felt like such a big kid finally realizing you could ride the big bike you bought off of the Smiths'.  The best was seeing you getting a new bike companion in Connor.  You two rode up and down the street like no ones business.
7/28/2013  I love days like this when the weather is perfect and we have a nice time at church.  You had the closing prayer in primary and I tried to give you some helpful hints to add to the prayer.  You said, "I got this Mom."  And you did just that.
7/29/2013  A day with the Smith boys is just what this day needed.  It was just so nice to seriously spend all day at their new house.  You loved being able to just have freedom to go all up and down the street playing with the kids in the neighborhood.  You also thought it was funny that I had to stand in front of you while I let you pee outside the school where we were playing.
7/30/2013 We got to got the "movie feeder" as you called it on your summer bucket list.  It was a really nice time I just felt bad because for the rest of the day you had an upset stomach because you ate too much popcorn.  After that we got to be just lazy.
7/31/2013  So we went to the thrift store today which of course I love that place.  You were so excited to find a Blue Jackets jersey with the name Ross on the back.  It was destined to be yours.  You were seriously so thrilled to find something with your name on it.  We also had a fun time having a spray painting party with our friends.
8/1/2013  You poor thing for some reason you always manage to get this awful headache and fever every summer.  It is the craziest thing.  You were so pitiful on the couch and I had to carry you to the bathroom because you would get dizzy.
8/2/2013  So this week I have been trying really hard to get your summer bucket list done before school starts.  So today's challenge was making ice cream.  It was a total flop.  Out of all the ice cream bowls we had one worked so each child only got one taste.  I felt so bad but on the positive note you got to have a fun play date with your friends.
8/3/2013  We had such a blast today.  We went to an unplanned activity to a little fair.  It was so nice because it was free.  You got to try so many different rides that you have never done before.  I also thought it was fun how you and Connor could just go and be big kids.  You two snuck of and managed to get a total of four bags of cotton candy.  They were handing them out for free and I guess you knew a bargain when you saw it.  Your tongue was neon pink.
8/4/2013  Today after church you were eating and your dad told you not to finish your food if you were full because that is what fat people do.  I said, "Yeah like your mom."  You then said, "You are not fat and dont say that."  I love you, boy.  Now your Dad just farted and you said, "I knew you were going to rip one of those."
8/5/2013  Yeah for a trip to Dayton. We went to the Dayton Airforce Museum and then went to Wenzinger Gardens.  You were so cute today playing with Faith especially.  You seriously had so much fun playing with her.  The thing I thought was so cute though was how you had to wear your Navy shirt to the museum.  You have so much pride in Kenton.
8/6/2013  Wow to one of those days of pure attitude.  Your sister had her kindergarten evaluation today and it took way longer than expected.  Before I left I told you you no technology.  When I got home sure enough you had clearly had the xbox on and were then on the laptop.  You said, "Dont even say anything, you were gone so long.  I had nothing to do."  I thought, "Wow who are you and what did you do with my kid."  My respond to you was, "I know I was gone long as long as you did the things I asked it is okay."  I walked into the kitchen and nothing done.  I then asked i you did your reading with no.  So that meant the things I asked you to do that would have taken no more than fifty minutes were not done.  I took away your technology for three days and you shrugged your shoulders at me with I dont really care no big deal.  It took me taking them away until school starts to get a reaction out of you.  Wow I dont know what to do with you.
8/7/2013  We had a day downtown and it was so much fun.  We got to  go to the Scioto Mile,  walk down the mile and go on the Santa Maria.  The part that was crazy to me was the fact that I could let you go off with Connor at the mile made me realize how much you are growing up.
8/8/2013   You enjoyed making the most awesome fort for you and  Connor.  It was an all out war with the girls all day.  You two had awesome guns made out of Trios.  It finally got to the point where I had to keep you guys seperated because you two were upsetting them so much.
8/9/2013  Today you had a chance to redeem yourself from the previous attitude you had earlier in the week.  Once again you didnt do it.  I seriously do not know how to get trough to you.  We at least got to go have a sleep over with the Simcox family.  You had fun playing guns with Connor.
8/10/2013  This is going to sound like a repeat for the week but we got to spend the day cleaning.  But the fun we did have was when you got to try on all your new shoes that I had put away from buying in advance.  When you put them all on I had to come outside and test them all out to see how fast you could run.  Then you said "Now all I need is my new book bag and a cool new watch and I will be set for school."  Well I guess I might just have to get on that.
8/11/2013  I love how you can be so thoughtful.  Your teacher made these really pretty faith stones and since there were extra you asked if you could give one to your sister.
8/12/2013  One last day at the beach and it was a blast.  We got to spend time together swimming and you had so much fun in the tube with the Smith boys.  The best was getting to toss the Frisbee with you and your friends.
8/13/2013   So one thing you have been doing since you have not been able to play Minecraft is building with your Legos.  This evening you were in your room before bed building a museum and built a car carrying a mummy to deliver it.  I love to see you playing like this makes me see the little guy in you is still there.
8/14/2013  We thought it would be a nice idea to spend the day at the Thurston's and swim one last time.  It was so funny to see how quick you were in and out of the pool.  It was seriously so cold.
8/15/2013  It was your open house tonight.  A moment in a mothers life that tears her heart out is when her little boy pulls his hand away when I went to hold it.  You seemed very nervous about this whole new school thing I am seriously so nervous for you.
8/16/2013  So when you were a little guy we use to pat your back with a rhythm of three pats and a pause.  Tonight we were laying down and you started to do the same pat on my back it is like it is a part of you.
8/17/2013  Oh to days like this I love it so much, it was our last hurrah before school starts on Monday.  We had a garage sale and you helped me set up so you could earn some money.  We then went shopping so you and your sister could buy a movie of your own choice.  You guys seriously picked this over ChuckE Cheese.
8/18/2013  Yep one reason I love to serve in primary is just so I can see you and your sister.  During the closing exercises I winked at you to see if you were paying attention and you did it right back. I so love you kid.
8/19/2013  First day of school and my emotions were worst today then they were the first day I left you for kindergarten.  I seriously was heart broke to leave you on this journey with not knowing anyone.  I just sat you down at your desk gave you a hug and told you that I loved you and ran for the door.   When I came by the end of the day your teacher gave me a hug and said you did great.  You even introduced me to your two new friends Clayton and Jacob.  Yeah for new friends.
8/20/2013  You know there are those days were you find yourself heart broke for you kids.  Like today when you couldnt wait to take your dad to Alum Creek for the first time and all he did was sit on his towel because his feet hurt.  You were seriously so sad.  I couldnt do anything to convince you to swim with me and Ann in the water.  Finally by the end I convinced you to join in and you said, "I think we should start living like we dont have a Dad."  Man that was a hard blow because I had no clue what to say.  I love you dear boy with all my heart and I will try my best to pull both our weight.
8/21/2013  So your new friend Clayton gave you a phone call tonight to invite you his church family fun night.  It was so cute to hear you two having a conversation.  So we did go to his little activity and you had fun.  Come to find out his little sister is in your sisters class.
8/22/2013   Man I have never seen you so excited for school.  One thing I think is funny is you go to school with so many of your church friends but you dont play with any of them on the playground.  I do love that you have made so many new friends.  When we were walking into the classroom a boy in the hall said hi to you.  It made me so happy that you are already getting settled so quickly.
8/23/2013   Yeah for your awesome behavior all week.  You made it to purple today and got a cool camouflage pencil.  This was seriously such a draining  week but I am glad that you loved it so much.
8/24/2013 We had fun this evening playing volleyball in the backyard with your dad.  This was once and a blue moon that your dad felt well enough to play with us.  It was such a fun family evening.
8/25/2013  Yeah to a great Sunday.  I think it is cute that during sacrament and other times when you are holding both Daddy and I's hands you always try to get us to hold hands.  You are such a romantic.
8/26/2013  I will tell you that I am so happy that we started this new school.  I was so worried about it but you are fitting right in.  I love to see you so happy.  I mean today you came home and had so much to say.  You were never like this at Cedarwood and now you are.
8/27/2013 So it happened the tooth that was loose for almost 5 months came out.  I had to pull it and it killed me.  You were seriously crying so hard and it broke my heart but I couldnt let you go to sleep with it that loose.
8/28/2013  Your friendship with Connor is so cute.  I love that in your room you have made an area to make "plans"  of attack and made a treasure chest labeled "wepens".  You  two store all the guns you make in it.
8/29/2013  School is seriously wearing you down.  We are now working on timed test.  This is a new challenge but you are doing great is what your teacher told me.  That made me relieved.
8/30/2013  So today you were so excited about getting a door knob with a lock on it.  You were saying, "Yeah, I am excited to have a lock so Connor and I can do our business. And I am not talking about #1 and #2."  HaHa you are so funny.
8/31/2013  We were out riding bikes and it started to sprinkle a little,  you said, "Mom, birds keep pooping on me!"  Umm no child that is rain you silly kid.
9/1/2013  So did I tell you how much I love your missing tooth.  For some reason when ever you get upset and start to cry I melt.  I think it is beyond words cute.  I guess in your favor you get away with a lot more right now.  Oh and I love how you are so giving.  Today one the teachers were passing out crystals and Leah didnt get one and you gave yours to her.  One nice boy I have.
9/2/2013  It was a great day pretty much the last day of summer.  Autumn took you and your sister out to her parents house and you had a blast.  It was so fun I came out later.  Autumn's mom sang your praises saying how kind and confident you were.  It was cute watching you cruise around on their battery operated cars.
9/3/2013  So there are some words that you say that are funny and today we were talking and you said, " Yeah is it pregnick"   That is one word you have always said wrong and it makes me laugh.  Oh my goodness you we were watching a movie and you were cracking up so hard your face was turning bright red.
9/4/2013  So with some convincing you decided to play soccer.  It took Zach Thurston signing up and now I am coaching two teams.  At least you will be doing something active.
9/5/2013  I love how you are such a momma's boy.  Tonight when you tucking you in you gave me the biggest hug I could barely let you go.  I also love how you will never deny that I am your number one person.
9/6/2013  I hardly got to see you today because you went to Gavin's to spend the night.  It was so cute seeing you two reunited again.  You both yelled my buddy!!!  Seriously so cute.
9/7/2013  Man this day was nice, we got to spend some time with the Barrett family in a gas station.  Yeah to funny memories.  Uncle Joel bought you lunch and we got to watch a small town parade from the window.  You  and Gavin got the same sour candy and had fun turning your tongues green.
9/8/2013  During sharing time today I got to be on your team and I was your biggest cheerleader.  It was a fun game just watching you and Connor he of course by the luck of the draw was on the team too.  You guys are seriously such good buds and I am glad you guys are friends.  I love being in primary to see you and your sister.  I guess it helps that you wink at me across the room too.
9/9/2013  Man today was a day to just admire you.  We went up to Alum Creek after school with the Simcox kids and had a blast.  I loved teaching you how to throw a football.  I know not a normal thing for a mom to do but hey I am not to bad.  For some reason today you were just extra sweet and kind.  You brought home school work and got great marks on it.  I mean just an all around good day.
9/10/2013  Oh my goodness here is to the hottest day of the summer and I am being serious.  Natalie called and we got have one last summer swim in her pool.  It was so much fun, I even got in.  You are an excellent swimmer.  You were doing so many things  in the water.
9/11/2013  We went to dinner with your dads uncle.  We met him at Barnes and Noble.  I actually had a really good time looking at books with you while waiting for a storm to pass.  His Uncle Brent bought you and Annie both a movie.  It was not an expected evening but it was enjoyable.  I at least learned where your middle name came from.  It was your great great Grandma's maiden name.
9/12/2013  So asked you if you thought Cedarwood was harder than Taylor.  You told me yes it was which I thought was nice to hear.  One thing I loved is so far the homework is not demanding so we can actually have family time.  We came home did the easy homework and watched the movie Annie got from uncle Brent.  It was actually a movie from when I watched from my childhood.  It was the Never Ending Story.  When it started you said, "Is this movie old?"  Ha no way because then that would mean I was old.
9/13/2013  Yeah to fun day Friday's, no homework no worries just fun.  We enjoyed the beautiful weather and rode bikes.
9/14/2013  In the quiet of the morning I love the big talk we had this morning.  We just talked about my teenage years and why I cant have anymore children.  How some people can adopt children.  It was seriously one of those tender moments.  The best was when you had me say a prayer with you about healing daddy so we could have another child.  I love how sweet and faithful you are.
9/15/2013  On our way to church today you said, "Dad I bet so many people are jealous of our cool cars."  Ha Ha yeah I bet so many are jealous of our 1999 Durango and 2002 mini van.  I love you kid.
9/16/2013  We had such a fun evening tonight.  I gave you a new box of crayons and you wanted me to give you challenges for drawing.  I also thought it was so cute how you wanted to buy a picture that your sister and I were doing together.   When she sold it to you, you wrote SOLD on it.  9/17/2013  You were playing with your sister outside and discovered an ants nest with eggs.  You moved them into a container so you could watch them.  You were also so into reading a new book.  You had to come and read me pages and crack up along the way.
9/18/2013  First soccer practice of the year and you were so excited.  And of course there was a cute girl on your team.  I think I have figured it out if a girl has brown eyes and hair and can play soccer then she makes the cut for you.  When we got home from practice you started to talk about her and I pointed out her features.  You got so angry and threw a fit at me.  I guess I can never bring up girls again.
9/19/2013  On most days you and your sister get a long.  The thing I love the most is how you spend time creating and playing together.  Since we are getting into soccer now you two had so much fun just kicking the ball back and forth down the hall.  And Reese once again took down another soccer ball while playing with you guys outside.  I will say this it is really cute to watch you guys play keep away from him.  This is his heaven.
9/20/2013  So I am one proud Momma, this week you had rather difficult spelling words and I sent you off to school with full confidence that you could do it.  I know it seems like I work you like crazy but I just remember when I was a child and not doing well on spelling test.  But hey today you nailed, Constitution and September.  I thought these were big words for a second grader.
9/21/2013  So Annie got a day with Daddy at the Shoe and you got a day with me.  It was so nice to spend the afternoon with you.   You we just snuggled up, ate and watched football.  I felt bad though because your knee was hurting you so bad from yesterday playing soccer with your friends.
9/22/2013  So today we built a fire outside and you were trying so hard to prep for when you start Scouts which your first one will be this week.  You were mastering blowing on it.  It was so fun to watch your face light up when you would get some sparks a blaze.
9/23/2013  Man today was next to impossible to get you to come in and focus on your homework.  The weather was just to darn pretty.  You were more than thrilled when I made chili in the crock pot. I cannot tell you the real reason why you were happy for it but I will leave at you are a boy and gross.  Speaking of gross oh my word your arm pits smelled after school.  I am sorry but you are not even eight yet I am not ready for you to start wearing deodorant.   I am sure I will have to give in so you arent the smell kid at school.
9/24/2013  You and your sister are like the flying trapeze.   You two were outside planning this whole routine I had to come out and watch.  I will say this I was pretty impressed with what you two could do on the swing.  She would wrap her legs around you and then swing underneath you while hanging on.
9/25/2013  We had soccer practice tonight and you were so awesome it I do so say myself.  We had a race to see who could make it around the tree first while dribbling the ball and you came in first.  The thing that impressed me the most is that you had such great control.  Also tonight was suppose to be your first Scout outing and that fell through.  I could see you just dashed with disappointment.  It was cute though how you were stomping up the driveway to make your presence known and no one was there.  I felt so sad for you.
9/26/2013   Oh my word you had your school pictures today and you looked beyond handsome.  Another thing I noticed today and yesterday but I am no longer allowed to mention it, is how many girls say hi to you.  Me being a girl and a little one before completely realize what these girls are thinking.  They think you are cute and you are oblivious to this, I love it!
9/27/2013  Excitement for the day beside the SWAT team adventure this afternoon that freaked you and your brother out.  You got to go to the Rehl's and camp out in their tree house.  You were so excited to have a load of sugar and fun.  It was so nice of them to let you guys sleep over.  You guys also had fun setting of a glow stick in the potato launcher.
9/28/2013  I am so glad that you love me.  I realized that I am not a very good coach for older kids.  The competitive soul and me could not help my yelling.  It typical tended to be you that was my target of yelling and I am sorry.   You did look excellent on the field though and you were a leader on the field.  Good job buddy.
9/29/2013  This morning I got up and you were already for church.  The outfit you picked was too cute and there was no way I was going to change it up.  You had blue dress pants, a blue polo shirt and a white dress shirt.  You were absolutely darling.
9/30/2013  A conversation with you that had me cracking up. "Mom I know what the "F" word is."  My response, "Oh you do?  This is your one chance to whisper it in my ear."  "The "F" word is fudge.  I cannot figure out why it just ice cream." You then continued to tell me all the other bad words. "The "S"  is sexy which means naked, the "B" word is son of a biscuit."  Oh boy to I love your innocence.
10/1/2013  You got in the car today and said, "Mom, I have surprise in my back pack and you will be so proud."  Sure enough you pulled out a piece of paper that said you were chosen as the student of the month."
10/2/2013  Tonight was your first Boy Scout meeting ever.  You got to do your first flag retiring ever.  To be honest it was my first time too.
10/3/2013  I woke up this morning and you were ready for the day.  You said, "I let you sleep because I didn't want to wake you from your beauty sleep."   Oh my dear you are such a sweet heart.
10/4/2013  Oh my you have been counting down the days until your birthday.  Everyone you see you tell them how many days are left.  I cannot believe that is only four days away.  What a sweet treasure you are.  You also had a nice evening getting to see friends from Cedarwood.  We then bought an large amount of cereal and Halloween decorations.  You told me over and over that I am the best mother you have ever had.  Well I hope I am the only one you ever have.
10/5/2013  You could hardly contain your excitement when you saw your Mammaw today because you knew she had your presents for your birthday.  I will say this you got home and put your whole Lego set together.  I was so proud of you.
10/6/2013  I love conference Sunday!  Just getting to stay home with you guys was so nice and sitting next to you was even better.  Wad fun snacks and just enjoyed the spirit of the day especially because Daddy could be a part of it.  One of the most memorable parts was when it started pouring rain and you and your sister could not get away from the window.
10/7/2013  Oh my word it was so cute today.  I was babysitting the Rehl girls and watching you make Melan laugh was priceless.  She was pushing the shoppin cart and you kept stepping in front of it pretending she ran you over.  She was hysterical and I was proud to see that my big boy could make a little thing laugh.
10/8/2013  Happy happy birthday my dear boy, today was such a relaxed day.  Besides the fact that you actually woke me up at 4 something in the morning which was actually around the time you were born.  You came busting into my room and told me that it was your birthday.  You then saw the time on the alarm and said, "Oh its only 4:18.  I didnt know."  I told you to go back to bed but I heard you every hour after that.   I love you dear boy and am so grateful that you came to me on this very day eight years ago.
10/9/2013  You had your first real pack meeting tonight.  You were so excited to have your shirt and things.  But the part I loved most was playing soccer in the gym with your guys.  Yep your mother playing soccer with a bunch of kids, I hope this is one thing you remember about me.
10/10/2013  Well once again another night out.  Man I swear I planned my week to avoid this but this has been just one of those weeks.  At least you got to have a day at the church with the Bailey boys.  You and Andrew tore the carpet off the wall in the nursery on accident.  You guys were climbing the walls and we will leave it at that.  I could tell you both felt really bad.  Boys will be boys!!
10/11/2013  We had a fun evening out, right after school we ran errands.   Then I thought what the heck lets stop at Toys R Us so you could spend your birthday money.  I loved that you wanted to share some of your money with your sister so she would not be left out.  However, the two things you picked were perfect for the both of you.  You picked out a ramp and the movie The Croods.  Even though you made it very clear that the stuffed animal was yours that came with the movie.  Yep you still enjoy those little things that might seem childish.  Oh wait you are a child.
10/12/2013  Oh my word I think turning eight means turning into a different child.  I see you wanting to be this bigger kid but then the little kid comes out in you.  But today it was cute to watch you run with the big boys at the corn maze and then just start uncontrollable laugh in the car ride home.   Well maybe that was the little kid in you.
10/13/2013  Oh my word it happened today, you had your baptism interview today.  My heart is swelled with joy for you to make this choice in your life.  It is the biggest thing that will change your life.  Following the Savior will always keep you safe.  I pray that you will always strive to follow Him when you take this journey in your life.  Christ will never lead you astray.  He is our greatest example.
10/14/2013  One days like this I am so grateful to be a stay at home mom.  After you got home from school it was just spend time together and spend more.  We did bike riding and the best was your sister and you drawing all evening.  It was so nice to see you also playing in the living room floor doing your own Lego set without following the directions.
10/15/2013  Yet another fun day with you and your sister.  The joys of perfectly cool weather.  I was sad for you though.  We were outside and you seemed so sad. I asked what was wrong you told me that you missed the Smith boys.  It was one of those bike riding days to miss them.  At least your evening was brightened by a trip to the library and sneek door dropping of treats.  It was our FHE activity.
10/16/2013  You had Scouts today again.  You got to do a bike maintenance course.   I had my doubts about it but you were so happy when I came to pick you up.   Might I add you looked so darling in your little shirt and pants.
10/17/2013   It made me sad today.  You cleaned up really fast so you could play with these new boys that are in the neighborhood.  And it showed tonight that they only wanted you to come out and play so you would get your bike ramp out.   It seriously crushed me on the inside.  I convinced you that maybe we should pick up the ramp since it seemed they werent really being that nice to you today.  You were trying so hard to play with them but a older kid was out and they kept ditching you.  You are such a sweet dear boy that doesnt deserve that treatment.
10/18/2013  Yeah for a funday Friday with the Smith boys.  Nothing says it like being reunited with some of the greatest friends ever.  You know you have good friends when time passes, you reunite and its like you never missed a beat.
10/19/2013  So there was this road kill cat and its guts were everywhere.  You said, "On the outside you are beautiful and your guts are ugly on the inside.  Oh but your spirit is beautiful and its on the inside."   I love how simple things are in your eyes.
10/20/2013  Oh word you are so funny.  I like how sometimes you still get things confused.  You stepped on the scale this morning and said, "68 well that isnt my highest score."  HaHa then I want a really low score.
10/21/2013  You know sometime in life it seems so crazy and I hate it so much.  At least this evening was one we could enjoy each other.   I love when we have quiet times especially when it includes you and your sister being nice to each other.  Also, you told me today that Ms. Brinkmeyer dresses modest.  You said, " I know that Ms. Graves would wear stuff that showed her you know."  You pointed in the general area.  You proceeded to say, "I always tried to look at her eyes."  For real you were in first grade.
10/22/2013   You are such a caring kid and I could not ask for a better child.  I love that you are so kind to me.  You always make sure that I know you love me and are always giving me hugs and holding my hand.    I just thought I would let you know this because it seems like days pass and I forget to tell you.
10/23/2013  Soccer practice was so much fun tonight besides me making you cry because I thought you were being smart.  We did experience the coolest cold front coming through.  So Tim Thurston got everyone to try and catch the leaves that were falling down.  It was seriously one of those moments I enjoyed being a mom.
10/24/2013  So today we were watching all of the Bowman kids and I told you if you helped me I would give you babysitting money.  You were so excited to help me.  You were making them giggle and laugh.  They kept calling you "Connor"
10/25/2013  Tonight was trunk or treat at the church.  I love how you get so into your costumes.  This year costume was so easy.  You wanted to be a zombie hunter.  I love that despite my horrible artistic ability you love what I make you no matter what.  It was fun splattering paint all over your face to make it look like blood splatter.
10/26/2013  Last game of the season and you almost got a goal.  You usually play defense because that is were you feel most comfortable but you played up today and did great.  I love how you try your hardest no matter what.
10/27/2013  We had the most perfect weather for a walk and an evening outside mixed with some movies in.  You are such a cautious boy and during our walk you stayed close by because you were afraid that your nightmare might come true.  Oh my dear boy I guess you had a dream that someone kidnapped you in our neighborhood.
10/28/2013  I love that when you came home today you wanted to just use your imagination.  The weather was perfect and I couldn't imagine not being out there with you while you used your imagination.   I say this a lot but I just loved days like this.   Oh and we were watching Halloween wars and it was cracking me up because every time they would say a "bad word"  you would say "beep"
10/29/2013  I am so in love with the I dont have anything to do days.  I got you home from school and it was hang out with you and ride bikes.  But then we had so much fun playing soccer with the dogs and once again letting them destroy another soccer ball.  Those silly dogs but I do have fun playing with them.
10/30/2013  Last practice and it was a cold one.  At least enough people showed up to this practice.  I felt so bad though because I made you cry.  I thought you were being smart with me so I made you run.  I then noticed you were crying and it broke my heart.  You actually were trying to say that you would enjoy running with me.  I am so sorry my dear boy.
10/31/2013  So tonight was a dreadful Halloween night but we made the best of it.  We went  all over our neighborhood to get candy and might I say what a disappointment it was.  I have this strong sense of community and wanting to stay in the neighborhood but that ship has sailed.  Next year we are going to the Simcox's neighborhood.  They came with us tonight and it was fun but I guess I never knew what I have been missing out on.  According to them pillowcases should be full by the end.
11/1/2013  A day before your baptism and you are bouncing off the walls.  We went out to dinner with Grandpa and Grandma Edward.  I think part of your bouncing was because they were here visiting too.  It was such a lovely evening.
11/2/2013  What an amazing special day it was.  You were baptized today and it was such a spiritual day.  It is hard to describe the feelings.  Lets just start with the details.   I believe my tears began  during your Aunt Amy's precious opening prayer which was followed by Edward Grandma's talk on baptism.  I actually felt so bad for her because she actually prepared her talk on the Holy Ghost.  It was then time for your baptism.  Your friend Emma went first and then you were next.  I was over joyed with gladness in my heart.  My sweet boy was making a commitment to the Savior and to Heavenly Father.  When you were given the gift of the Holy Ghost I dont think I stopped the tears at all.  Grandpa Ross gave you the gift of the Holy Ghost.  It was an amazing blessing.  He blessed you that you will always seek righteousness and be an example by your actions.  That you might always seek good friends that will hold you up.  That you might find a worth companion to take to the temple.  I wish I had been able to record it.   Just know that there was so much love and spirit there on your very special day.  It was definitely a testimony builder.
11/3/2013  You are such a shy kid and I love it.  They asked you to stand today so they can welcoming you as the newest member of the ward.  You could barely stand up I had to keep pushing you up to stay standing.  It was so funny and I loved it.
11/4/2013  We had the day off from school and I loved the day.  You didnt really feel like taking a walk with me and Ann.  But you came and I enjoyed my autumn walk with you.  The thing I liked most was how you took apart your old tricycle and used the wheel to make a zip line in the backyard.  I love how you always like to create.
11/5/2013  You had another day off from school and might I add you have been quiet spoiled in these years.  Because this morning you said we didnt do anything fun yesterday.  Well thank you but I had fun just spending time with you.  But to make up for it we did go the recenter and then went to movies and took your friend David.  I will say you were being crude which I think you thought was funny but I did not.  We need to work on you know things like not writing on your leg with your snot.
11/6/2013  Yeah for listening to you try to answer questions out of your scout book.  Sister Staten kept asking you questions and you were giving the most out there answers that didnt actually go with what she was needing anyway.  Seems like we have our work cut out for us but at least you know have the boy scout motto now. Baby steps I am guessing.
11/7/2013  So you and your fashion cracks me up.  Boys vs girls are so different.  You will throw clothes on like it is nothing important.  Who cares if you look totally ridiculous good thing you have a mother that does though.   I guess today it was just because you had to go to a play and dress up and I had to redress you.  I guess it is a good thing though since you saw Celeste at her school.  You then told me that she saw you and you think she pretty much likes you.  I then returned that statement back to you and saying I think it might be the other way around.  Boy did I embarrass you.
11/8/2013  I love how you are such the big brother to your sister.  I mean there are days when I feel like I am looking back into my life.  You seriously just want to love on your sister and she screams at the thought of it.  Maybe in all reality my brother was just trying to be nice.
11/9/2013  When it comes to little boys and their Momma's it doesnt get much sweeter than what I have with you.    There were a couple of times today when I hurt myself.  You kept asking me if I was okay because I am the most important part thing in all your life to you including video games.   I also enjoyed my job with you again it was seriously so fun to listen to you make up these stories.  I think one day you could be a great writer or good liar.
11/10/2013  Oh my word you are the big kid in Primary.  It is always so hard for me to see this.  I still see you as a little sunbeam but you are so much more.  It was the primary program and you read your talk with great confidence.  I was so proud of you my sweet boy.
11/11/2013  Your sister and I missed you so much today while you were at school and we were playing in the snow.  It was so sad for me to think of how much you guys are growing up.  When you got home though it was the first thing we did.  You were just to happy to make snowballs and throw them at the dogs.
11/12/2013  In school today  you said you had to write about your most favorite person in class and I was the one you chose.  You wrote that you loved me because I was warm, fun, loving and watched movie with you.  I seriously love that my hard work and love doesnt go unnoticed.
11/13/2013  We had such a wonderful scout experience.  As a troop we went to the firehouse which was so nice because we have never done that.  I love the friendship you will be building during this experience.
11/14/2013   Those times that make me giggle are when you are such a kissy boy.  You were showering me in kisses today and I was cracking up.  It seriously makes my heart sing that you are such a Momma's boy.
11/15/2013   You have turned into a little archaeologist.  I will try not to focus on the giant holes that are being dug in the yard but on the time you have spent explore and playing with your sister.  It is absolutely priceless.
11/16/2013   Man to see your work and improvement in swimming is amazing.  You are such a hard worker.  I was happy to see that you could already pass off somethings in your wolf book.
11/17/2013  So we sat in front of some kids today that were being absolutely disrespectful the entire time.  I was happy to let you know how you are such a kind respectful child.  I asked if you could see the difference between the respectful and disrespect.  You could too and I am so thankful for you who sat quietly and drew.
11/18/2013  You are such a funny kid.  This morning you were joking around with your dad and you said, "Yeah Dad its just a joke.  Dont you know what a knock knock joke is?"  I love your funny personality.
11/19/2013  Your Mammaw came up as a surprise and you were so excited to see her.  We went out to eat with her and oh my word to how much pizza you ate.  You were counting them as you were going and said you had eleven pieces.
11/20/2013  I really am so excited to start this scouting journey with you.  Tonight we got to learn all about the pledge of allegiance.  I cannot tell you how much I love to see you gain this confidence and friendships.  Its a good thing.
11/21/2013  Once again you manage to always make me smile.  I somehow managed to buy you a pair of pants that were sized wrong.  So you put matters into your own hands. You turned them into pants and socks all in one.  You actually thought I was going to let you out the door like that.
11/22/2013  I love your training that you do in the backyard.  You do this big obstacle course and I encouraged you to do at least ten laps.  You actually ended up doing 30 laps.  I was so impressed.
11/23/2013   A day with the Smith boys and it was so much fun.  It cracks me up how you guys get together and you guys turn into the most crude children ever.  I did not hear from you guys the entire day.  I actually had fun doing a camp fire with you guys.
11/24/2013  Oh my word you are such a sensitive kid.  Yesterday the Smith boys were over and you guys played a game that was not appropriate at all.  I told you this morning how the more I thought about how disappointed I was that you played this game.  I know boys can be boys but this game was not appropriate.  When I told you this, you were sobbing because you felt so bad.   You barely wanted to go to church because you were so sick from it.
11/25/2013   I love having FHE with you guys.  Tonight we got out our Nativity and decorated the living room.  We also played the thankful game I love how you and your sister both come up with the most wonderful things to be thankful for.
11/26/2013    You are so energized for your working out.  I am happy that your gym teacher is working you so hard.  You said that she had you doing so many things today in class.  So I guess that meant that today when you got home we just got to hang out and watch movies.
11/27/2013   I love breaks from school they are my favorite thing in all the world.  You got to head over to the Smith's and had a blast with the boys.  I am seriously so grateful for your friendship with them.  We also had a beautiful snow fall which  was so nice to play in even though you seemed less than thrilled to be playing with it.
11/28/2013  Happy Thanksgiving to you my dear boy.  We had such a wonderful time at Great Shisler's house and you were so excited that Aunt Lolo gave you your birthday card with money.  Great Shisler was holding on to it for you but you werent to sure about it.  You also proved tonight that you are truly a mommy's boy.  You were suppose to stay down in Dayton for a couple of days so I could have some time by myself.  Yeah that didnt happen you were unsure if you could stay without me.
11/29/2013  A whole day with mom is just what you got.  I let you spend your birthday money that your aunt Lolo gave you.  However to your much disappointment the battery operated bat you picked did not work at all.  We had to return it within two hours.  You then bought another remote control car.  Fingers crossed that it actually works.  We also got to go to the Rappleye's house for the evening it was fun seeing you play with the boys.  Despite the fact that you hit your head really hard on the ground from play fighting and you also managed to get their little dog to go after you and bite you.  I swear you have always had a way with dogs.  That is a complete joke since we had to get rid of Lilley because of you.
11/30/2013  So note you never buy a remote control anything.  The other thing we got did not work either.  Talk about such a let down for you.  When we were taking this one back you said, "Are you going to ask for the janitor?"  Instead of manager.    Third time is a charm you got two video games and a movie.  You also bought your sister and yourself a new trendy bracelet.  You were so excited to not be the only kid in class now to not have it.
12/1/2013  You are such a kind hearted boys I know.  When we were leaving church you took my church bag to carry for me.  I told you that I hope when you get older that one day you get a girl that will deserve your kindness.  Your response, " I know I am going to marry a Christian so I might just marry Celeste to make sure."  HaHa okay I would approve of her.
12/2/2013  The magic in your eyes when you found Betty for the first time this season.  I love how excited you get for all things for Christmas.  We also got our tree tonight and it was so cute that you wanted to use your special knife you got from West Virginia to get the plastic netting off the tree.  I love how you are getting so big but yet so small.
12/3/2013  You were telling me all afternoon about your friend Jacob and how he was in accident. I am actually concerned because you said his mom was still in the hospital.  You had a lot to say though how he is your new best friend and that you were glad he was okay.  I am so happy that you are fitting in so well and making such wonderful friends.
12/4/2013   You know those day that I melt are when you are so kind to your sister.  She was cold on the way home from school and you wrapped your arms around her and covered her with your coat.  Then at Scouts tonight you made her a pretty bracelet.  Today you won brother of the year award.
12/5/2013  Yeah chance of snow storm and we had to research all the things you are suppose to do for a snow day.  By 5:30 in the evening you already had your PJ's inside out, ice cubes flushed down the toilet and spoons under your pillows.  We will see if this works out or not.  But you also prayed for a snow day too, so that should do the trick.
12/6/2013  Snow day and it was the worst snow day ever.  I mean I had fun with you guys but we seriously waited all day for the snow.  So in the mean time we went to the recenter, the grocery, and then to Wendy's for a frosty.  The snow finally came around late afternoon and we spent the evening playing in the snow.
12/7/2013  I had such  a wonderful time with you and your sister today.  Can I just tell you how much I love living in the city of Columbus.  It seriously is  wonderful city to live in.  We had swim today and then went to the Commons and had a holiday blast.  It was so magical and I plan on doing it with you guys next year too.  As much as I loved growing up in the country I think this city will offer a lot of memories for you and your sister.
12/8/2013  In the shower this morning I grabbed for my conditioner to read a message from you, "Hi Mom xoxo."  I swear boy you are so thoughtful.
12/9/2013    Can we say lazy day? After my battle with the awful snowing conditions to get you to school on a day that should have been delayed.  The funny though I was running an errand  and told Net to just drop you guys off but he didnt tell you guys I wouldnt be home.  So when I got home the door was wide open and I couldnt find you guys. You two were hiding in the bathroom tub because a brown guy was at the door.  Mind you the door was standing wide open crazy kids.
12/10/2013   So you are so cute.  On my iPod you started your own clan and it was seriously so cute listening to your criteria.  Has to speak English must be a kid under 18 and no one from China, Germany is okay.
12/11/2013  I got to build a tool box with you tonight.  Oh yeah it was so funny watching your mom try to help you.   We nailed the wrong boards together we were for sure the last to finish but you were so proud of it.
12/12/2013   Your poor little lips make me feel so bad for you.  I swear like over night they were cracked and bleeding.  I sent you to school with a chapstick.  You also did not find humor that I put Balmex  under your nose because it was getting chapped from all your snot.  Guarantee it will be better by tomorrow.
12/13/2013    You have a way of driving your sister crazy.  She cannot stand you to hug and kiss her.  It drives her crazy like none other.  It is the quickest way to get a rise out of her.
12/14/2013   You are so funny we had our Christmas ward party and I loved how you had to make your own costume for a shepherd.   You put on the cords and a white button up shirt.  Then you wrapped a scrap material around yourself.  You were so cute.
12/15/2013  You and your sister are such funny kids.  Even when  I am having a hard time like this morning was you both tend to carry this spirit to make me laugh.  You guys were playing this funny red light green light game in the car.  As we would drive up to a light you would be like, "Green light, green light green light stay,"  We would get through it  and then proceed to the next color chant.
12/16/2013  My facebook status: "Conversation between my two children, "If that boy ever comes over to our house I will wrestle him to the ground because no boy is going to like my sister." Sounds way to familiar"  Clearly you do not want any boys coming to our house. 
12/17/201  When it comes to back rubs you take the cake.  I swear you are the most loving boy a mom could ask for.  You just seem to be so in-tuned to my needs and always know what I need.
12/18/2013  Today my dear boy you got your bobcat for scouts.  You were so proud of it.  I loved watching you get pinned you had this big sense of pride on your face.  I also had fun with you guys and the rest of the group playing the winking game.  It was so funny watching you guys in actions with all your winking eyes at each other.
12/19/2013  You brought home a card that you made for your teacher Mrs. Brinkmeyer it was seriously so cute.  I think it is darling how you get so attached to your teachers but I think she is for sure one of your all time favorites teachers.  It was clearly stated on the card.
12/20/2013   I love how you are such an appreciative child.  I came in to help in your classroom and there were more than enough parents to help so I thought I should go in and help in your sisters room.  After school you said, "Mom, I really appreciate you coming into my classroom even though it wasnt long."
12/21/2013    I had one of the greatest times in all my life with you and your sister at open swim today.  It was such a time that I just wished time would have stood still and I could have lived within that moment forever.  You guys did so wonderful in your swim lessons that you both moved up a level.  during open swim we had friends from church there and we had a blast playing monkey in the middle and in general just splashing.
12/22/2013   You are such a handsome boy and I was cracking up at you with all your posing when I was snapping your Christmas pictures.
12/23/2013  There are those moments when I feel complete despair.  And all it takes are sweet gestures from you that remind me how much love I have from you and your sister.   You came into my bedroom this morning and gave me a "big bowl of healthy cereal with sliced bananas."  You then told me to continue rest, you had no idea that I was crying all night.
12/24/2013  I love that you are such a kind hearted boy you said, "I wonder if Uncle Bubby got me anything this year, if not that is okay I will be happy with a big hug."
12/25/2013  Merry Christmas me sweet boy.  You kid me not woke up at 2 am this is the second time in a row. You sat on the couch for almost 4 hours waiting for the rest of us to wake up.  I hope all your wait was worth it.
12/26/2013  Man alive it has been a lazy kind of day,  I did get a chance to go to the temple.  So you guys stayed with the Davies.  You had so much fun playing with Justin while you were there.  I could hardly get you to leave.
12/27/2013  We went to see a movie today it was Walking with Dinosaurs.  It was one you had been waiting for it to come out.  The funny thing is years ago you gave me a hard time about sneaking in candy from outside.  And who was the one doing it today?  Yep that would be you.  You told me that you didnt want me to pay to much for candy at the concession stand.
12/28/2013  You and your sister were watching a movie on her VHS tv and it was funny because she was getting frustrated because she thought you were breaking it and you said, "I am reversing it."  Ha you instead of rewind yep you are not a VHS generation kid.
12/29/2013  I love the sound of you playing with your Legos.  You have been working on them for the past two days and I love to hear them in all their actions.
12/30/2013  I love days that come to be such a fun surprise.  Sister Davies had extra passes to the water park near by.  We seriously spent all day there.  I enjoyed hanging out with on the lazy river and doing the slides.  Even though they make me nervous.  You had so much fun run with Justin and I hardly saw you for the most of the day.  It was an early bed time when we got home.
12/31/2013  The last day for the year.  What a better way to end it while spending time with friends.  We seriously have started a fun tradition at the Rappleyes.  I dont think I saw you for one minute the whole time.  This year was such a wonderful year for.  You had to adjust to a new school which you have done beautifully.  You turned 8 and made the wonderful choice to be baptized.  This is one of the most important decisions you will ever make in all your life.  Following the Savior will always keep you on the right path to return to live with Heavenly Father again.  Also, you are a bright funny and most all passionate little guy.  I am so grateful to love and have the love of you my dear boy.

1/1/2013 We had a blast today sledding and doing all things that were fun.  Your funny today though was how you kept calling the sled's sleighs.  I just thought it was so cute because this was your first time of actually enjoying sledding or sleighing.
1/2/2013  We had a wonderful day full of you and your brother.  You have this horrible "hole" in your foot.  That translates to a wart.  You have actually had it for a while and we have been treating it.  So I convinced you to let me do another treatment.  You screamed so hard.  It broke my heart so I promised you ice cream.  After that you told me that you did not want to go to kindergarten because you did not want shots.
1/3/2013  This evening you were so proud of yourself because you could "spill your own milk"  You said, "Look daddy I can spill my own milk."  Instead of  pouring your own milk.
1/4/2013  This morning after I poured your juice, you said, "Look Mom I can drink like a dog."  You then proceeded to drink your juice like a dog.
1/5/2013  So bright this morning you came back to my bed and woke me up scared to pieces.  You had a nightmare and wanted to know if you could sleep with me.  Oh the look on your face and of course you can always sleep with me when you have a nightmare.  One more I wish I could just bottle you up and keep you just the way you are.   You spent at least ten minutes making the most perfect PB and Nutella sandwiches.  You spread everything so evenly.  Like I said perfection but then again you do focus on your coloring and covering every inch.  I am guessing the bread was your canvas.
1/6/2013  You are a girl with a set of lungs that is without a doubt.  I think you will be very happy for your brother to go back to school.  You guys enjoy your time together but I think it is better in small doses.  Anything he did even if he was just playing with you triggered a screeching yell.  I total played ref these past couple of days.
1/7/2013  One thing you started  is getting books and coloring books to draw the cover.  Then you will write the title of the book.  Which is so sweet because you are really trying your hardest to learn how to write letters.
1/8/2013  What  a busy day we had.  I spent the day trying to find a script for your dad.  You were such a trooper.  The funny thing but not so funny.  We were leaving the recenter and you picked two dandelions.   The whole way home you were taking about how you were going to plant them in dirt and water them.  As soon as we got home you were home planting one in the snow.  Anyway, there was one left to be planted and you wanted to plant it too.  However, I was getting ready to leave to pick up and you said that you wanted to stay and watch a movie.  I went over the rules and you repeated them to me.  When I got back you were not on the couch and I asked you why you were off.  You told me that you went outside to plant and water your flower.  Oh no that made me realize that I can not leave you at home.  For the record your dad was home but asleep.  You started sobbing because you knew you didnt follow the directions.  I am just glad that you told me the truth.
1/9/2013  You know on most days I just sit in awe with you.  I love every moment I get to spend with you.  We have started the reading lessons which you did two today because you wanted to put two suckers in the jar.  We kind of hopped around from thing to thing today but it was just wonderful having you by my side.  Oh and another funny is that you have now decided that you want to sleep by yourself.  This seriously brings tears to your brothers eyes.  He seriously loves sleeping next to you.  So, tonight I had to make a big old bed on your bedroom floor so you two would have enough room.  You say it is because you cant take any sleep when he sleeps with you. Hope tonight works out and fingers crossed no nightmares,  You had another one last night.
1/10/2013  So this incident is seriously going up on both you and your brothers.  So Baxter the lovely dog that he is ate a new tub of sour cream.  Mind you I never buy it so this was extra special for me to purchase.  We got home from piano and I noticed he had a white snout.  It did not take me long to figure out what he had done.  It was straight to the treadmill for him with some extra speed.  I knew he would most likely poop on the treadmill so I took extra precautions.  You two seriously had  a riot watching him poop it was like the best next to sliced bread.  You guys were sitting on top of the washer saying things like:  "here it comes" "how much more do you think will come?"  "That is so funny"  I know it was so gross but it was kind of funny to hear you guys cracking up at Baxter's expense.
1/11/13  So this morning we were in the shower and I like always get sad at the thought of you going to kindergarten.  So I asked, "Annie, when you go to school who will I shower with in the morning?"  Joking because I know it will be no one.  You replied, "You can always shower with Hazel."  Um I dont think so but you are funny.
1/12/13 Today we started up swim today again.  The only frustrating part about the lessons are you both get different instructors each round.  So, you were strapped into  a life jacket in the bigger pool.  You had no problem getting right in.  You just started doing big old circles in the water with this big old smile on your face.  I was cracking up from afar.  You then found me and started a double wave at me while you were still spinning.  I seriously love you more than words.
1/13/13  Like I told your brother I will say it again.  I love being in primary just so I get to see those sweet little moments that I was missing out on.  They were doing a balloon toss and singing the song and if the music stopped on you then you had to say the next line.  The song was I am a Child of God. When it landed on you, you said every single line except the line that came next.  At least I know that you know the song.
1/14/2013  We had a nice day at home and might I add I love to watch you just dance around.  The thing I loved most was playing games with you this evening.  While playing the princess game you have to close your eyes and I love how squinty your eyes get.  I also loved how for the first time ever I managed to beat you at Memory.  It was just a good evening.
1/15/2013 You are such a sweet girl.  You are always so aware of the needs of others.  I love how you always want to help with Jobie.  You will scoop her right up and help calm her down.  However, she is getting thoughts of her own and wants to be left alone.  When some one ask you what you want to be when you grow up, I love that you simply say a Mommy.  There is nothing more important in the world than nurturing and love some of Heavenly Father's choice spirits.
1/16/2013  Oh my goodness today was a day for games.  Santa brought you this princess game and that is all you ever want to play.  I think Santa did good.  I actually think it is darling that you and your daddy play at least two rounds a day.  I love it even more when your brother jumps in with you two.  So cute to see the guys in your life playing a princess game.  Oh yeah and you always say it is stuck in your head that is why you want to play again and again.
1/17/2013  Today during art all the other children left which left me and you to use up the rest of the shaving cream glue project by ourselves.  I loved every minute of it.  We made the most beautiful snowman.  It looked really neat.  Was nice making a snowman that you didnt have to wear gloves for.
1/18/2013  So I gave you your second chance to stay and watch a movie while I did pick up.  When  I got home you once again said, "Mommy, this time I only got off the couch to dance when a song came on."  Well I will take that because I know you have a dancing body all the time.  Which by the way I love to watch you dance for me all the time.  You will always put on your dress ups and have me put on music so you can dance.
1/19/2013  You are such an old lady sometimes.  Today at swim you guys were putting your life jacket on and noticed one on the girls in your group didnt have hers on right.  You instantly informed the teacher and started helping her adjust it.  Mind you this girl was a head taller than you so you would have thought she would have gotten it on her own.
1/20/2013  Today you got to give a talk in primary.  I whispered in your ear "make sure you say it loud"  You did just that it was so cute.  One of the older kids even said, "Wow, you could really hear her."  That's my girl big mouth like your Mamma.
1.21.2013  Like I said to your brother, we were so crazy today.  We went to the zoo when it was 19 degrees out and that was not accounting for the wind chill.  We had so much fun going from one thing to the next with most of the things all to ourselves.  I will say this I like going to the zoo more in January than July.
1/21/2013  I love days that are unexpected.  Hazel didn't come over so we had the whole day by ourselves. I mean Jobie was here but we had a wonderful day.  We did cleaning together and played together.  We would set the timer and clean for ten minutes.  Then follow it up with something fun.  Honestly, the most fun I had was when we were folding laundry together.  You are for sure my mini me!
1/22/2013  So this evening you climbed up on my lap and I was loving every minute of it.  You then decided to give your daddy a turn, which of course made him happy and me sad.  I guess I am done typing because you said it was my turn again.
1/23/2013 Today was once again an extra special day with my little girl.  I had the morning with just you.  We got to play games and I treasured it once again.  You also made your brother a surprise and hid it behind the chair.  It was another fantastic Trio hand gun.  He loved it.
1/24/2013  You got to have a day with Addison which is always fun for you.  However, you told me that she threw a bear at you.  You then proceeded to tell me that you didn't really want to be her friend anymore.  I have noticed that you have really turned into an emotional thing.
1/25/2013  It was so cute today.  You and your brother got to go to the Smith's to sled.  They were sledding down there driveway and you were having a blast pushing them down the "hill"  I also loved how you were the only girl among boys."  Grayden even went to push you down the hill and said, "This is so awkward."
1/26/2013  We had such a wonderful day.  I got you moved up to the bigger pool in swim lessons.  The only problem is I still feel like you are not getting the attention you need.  I dont think they believe me when I say she can swim independently  by herself.  Oh well you have fun and that is all that matters.
1/27/2013  You are now obsessed with the grade you get for the day.  I dont know where you got this from but you asked me, "Mom, did I get an A today at church?"  Yes you did you are always good for me.
1/28/2013  This evening you actually sat still for me to lather your hair in olive oil.  I put your hair up in a pony tail  and it looked so cute.  I told you that you looked like a ballerina.  So you then of course had to go put on a leotard.  You then danced around the house.  You even said, "I like my pony tail  because it can do this."  You then bounced up and down to make your pony tail to do the same.
1/29/2013  If you dont end up getting sick soon I would be shocked.  You were an overly tired mess today. Anyway, I will focus on the sweet thing today.  As I was leaving to take your brother to school you asked me to cut out hearts so you could paint them for everyone.  When I got home you were still work on them and they were beautiful.  We hung them in the window so they could be seen.
1/30/2013  You made your own matching game.  It was so cute.  You cut up pieces of paper and wrote random letters on them.  I then had to tell you what they said even though they said nothing.  I tried my hardest to put the letters together. When I came up with some word that could put the letters together.  You said, "Nope, that is not the word."  Well then I give up.  You did manage to write the word color on one of the sheets.
1/31/2013  The best part about the day was when you asked me if you could take a nap.  How could I have said no you were snuggled up next to me on the couch.  I threw out all rules and took a nap with you at 5:30 in the evening.  It was just the perfect kind of day to do it.  It was cold and snowy.  It was short lived though since we had to get your brother from piano.  You came back to sleep with me and I felt this gentle pull on my hair.  I turned back to you and you said, "What I was playing with your boongies."
2/1/2013  You are my girly girl I think it is so cute that you always have to test dresses to see if they are good at swirling.  We were listening to music today and you asked me to fluff your skirt while you spun like they did on the Just Dance 4 game.
2/2/2013  You had such a hard time at Ian's birthday party.  Like I said before you are really going through an emotional period.  When were driving home your brother was upsetting you and you said, "Rossi you are ruining my feelings."
2/3/2013  You were so cute today sitting next to your daddy.  He took out his iPod and snapped pictures of you guys making all kinds of faces.  I love the connection you have with Reese.  You will just lay on the floor and rub him and hug him.
2/4/2013  Nothing says it like looking in the rear view mirror and watching your daughter jam it out to Modanna's  Lucky Star song.  You were making the funniest faces ever.  Warmed my heart to see you jamming to music from Mommy's time.
2/5/2013  So you and your brother have this nasty habit of interrupting your dad while he is talking,  It drives him crazy.  So today he was talking and you chimmed in and he of course said, "I am talking."  You then started whispering and he then again said, "I am talking."  Then you got quieter.  You kept doing this it was cracking me up including your dad.
2/6/2013  Man today you were an absolute angel when it came to cleaning up.  I was just amazed at how eager you were to help.  Typical you are the one that is not motivated.  But you had an hour glass timer in your hand and I kept handing you things to put away and you were running to beat it. There is a parenting note for you one day when you have little ones of your own.
2/7/2013  Since your dad is on vacation he is the one getting a lot of special time with you.  He told me that you told him that it was, "Pretty fun being a kid.  Yep I like being a kid it is a lot of fun."  I am so happy that you enjoy being a kid and that I can help you.
2/8/2013  You came running out to me with a rock in your hand and asked, "Mom can I paint this rock so it can bang me on the head and the I can step on it?"  It took me a minute to figure out what you were talking about.  It was a prayer rock they must have talked about that in your primary class. Update nope that was all your dad that told you about the rock.
2/9/2013  I love the fact that you are such a simple kiddo.  So this week I have used pure candy bribing to get you to do your house work.  Today was no difference except I all ready had the candy. You actually picked a sucker over a box of candy which made me no never mind since it was cheaper.  You finished your house work and got to have a movie.  Oh the sweet joys of Saturdays.
2/10/2013  So today I was editing photos and I was trying to just have some time by myself.  HaHa joke of the century for a mother.  Anyway, you and your brother were hounding me for things like you wanted the photo card.  I told you guys to just go and give me some time.  That of course triggered tears and made you run to your room and this is what I heard, "I just wanted to capture a beautiful moment."  That broke my heart and I called you to give you the camera and sd card.
2/11/2013  So today was just an absolute blast with you which is what most days consist of.  The thing I would like to put into my memory box is the sight of a 4 year curly haired blond running down the sidewalk with her 90 lb dog beside her with a leash.  I thought it was so adorable.   You and Reese are seriously a perfect pair you are his person.  At times like this it tears at my heart a little because I know he will be your childhood pet and one day you will have to let him go.  We really do love him and will always have this special place in all of our hearts.
2/12/2013  So today we our fabulous day at the salon.  You had two funnies while we were there.  You and Hazel were sitting quietly on the floor and all of a sudden you were gagging like crazy.  By the way this is a new thing for you, gagging.  You were like, "Mom, oh my gosh (gag) Hazel (gag) dripped (gag) snot (gag) on my (gag) book."  You were actually freaking out because you were so upset about your book.  I had to stop in the middle of my foils to get a tissue  to indeed to catch the snot rocket hanging from her nose.  The other funny for the day was when you were getting your hair cut and you were trying to catch your falling hair.  You caught a piece and handed it to me.  I asked if I could throw it away and you said no.  I had to put it in my purse.  While I was getting my hair washed you were picking up the rest of your hair off the floor and putting it in my purse.  I knew this because the other stylist told me you were doing it.  I forgot about it but thought it was funny.  I t became more funny when later on I opened my purse to a purse full of golden locks.
2/13/2013  These past couple of days you have had fun making different places to sleep.  Tonight you wanted to sleep in an igloo.  So we gathered all of our white sheets and blankets.  You had the best igloo a little girl could ever ask for.  I loved hearing you giggling the most of all.  You couldnt wait to show your dad.  I love the simple things that make you happy.
2/14/2013  Happy Valentines day to you my little lovely girl.  Today was another day off with you.  We went to the recenter and got to have a Valentines day party with some of your friends.  We had a pure sugar over load today.  Between heart shaped pancakes and a giant cookie for desert and all the candy between.  Oh what fun it is to have you by my side Valentine.
2/15/2013  I love Friday's they are so much fun. After the recenter we got to come home and play.  You were so happy when I told you we were going to go see Josie on Sunday.  Seriously, you love her beyond words.  She is an okay one to love and admire.
2/16/2013  We had a fun day of cleaning and movies.  My house was spotless thanks to you and your brother.  We went nowhere today and it felt good.  I got to build you an ice cream truck today as your adventure club.  We had fun today play ice cream and coming up with all different flavors.
2/17/2013  Today on our way home for church you told me that you made a bad decision in church.  You told me that you kicked a friend.  I asked if you meant to do it and you told me yes.  I told you that it wasn't nice and that you needed to make it better.  You then started to cry.  I love your conscience.  You decided to write him a message.
2/18/2013  Today you were building with the Cooties game and it was funny listening to you play with those things.  Your first quote was, "Oh man I lost my head."  and your second one was, "Oh man my head fell off."   You then started to roll the "ice" instead of dice.  You crack me up.
2/19/2013  I spent the day slaving away at rearranging your bedroom for you.  You absolutely loved it. The only stinker thing you did today was when I asked you to pick up one of your puzzles.  You said, "You got it out."  Ugh I just spent the day cleaning your room and reorganizing board games.  You did however pick it up.
2/20/2013  You were such a tough girl today.  Your "hole in your foot" was ready to have the seeds fall out.  It took me a lot of convincing to let you let me pull them out.  You were screaming and crying it actually broke me heart but I knew it would help it heal.  After nine months of residency in your foot the seeds came right out together and the wart was gone.  I promised you ice cream and you are going to get a big dish.  Also, you looked like a doll baby this evening in your little pink Popeye shirt on that use to hang to your knees and is now at your waist. You were also wearing dark pink socks.  You just looked cute.
2/21/2013  We got another day together and it was fabulous.  I loved that when I got out of the shower you had spent the time setting up your room for party games.  You placed two purses, one with candy and another with crayons.  We then had to roll a sock to guess which bag had the candy then we got a piece.  The next game was a matching game that you made by yourself.  The cards had well drawn sunglasses, cupcakes, and party hats.  You even decorated your room.  Even though we had places to go I couldnt imagine doing anything else at that moment.  I am going to miss you when you are gone off to school.
2/22/2013  You are such a tushy smacker.  You will run all over slapping your rear and shaking it.  And of course you are wearing only your undies and a smile.  You are so rotten.
2/23/2013  Conversations with you are always so interesting.  We were in the car and this is what you thought you should share, "Mommy when I grow up I want to be a Mommy first, a Grandma next and then a Chuck E Cheese worker."  Ha Ha you crack me up.
2/24/2013  You are always talking about who your friends are and who makes the check.  Like today I was talking about Alicia and how she could be your friend and you said, "Yep I need to put her on the check."  Good she is sweet girl and I think you will enjoy being her friend.
2/25/2013  You were a vision today with your big old hair.  We got to spend the day out at Holly's house and you had so much fun playing outside.  The sun was shining and so was your hair.  I love it when your hair is outlined by the sun.
2/26/2013  I swear on days like this I am getting pure paybacks for the way I was when I was little.  You were making one mess after another.  Granted in the process you were doing some cute things like making patterns.  You took your shoes and coats and lined the couch arm rest.  It was really cute.  You also were very thoughtful today making Hazel a necklace with paints.  You then were into your games, next your Barbies.  Do you see a pattern here?  You would not stop then when it came to cleaning up you were too tired.  I seriously sat on the couch with my head in my hands because I was actually to tired to fight back.  I then started to count and point out things that needed to be done and you were on it.  For some reason you love when I do that.
2/27/2013  You are always saying the funniest things.  I love how you mix up potato for tomato.  Like tonight when I made open faced roast beef, you came back to tell your dad, "Daddy I ate everything on my plate except there are still tomatoes."  You told me that Hazel said she didnt want to be your friend anymore.  This made you sad and you said, "This means my list is only this big now." as you held up your two little fingers to show that you have hardly any friends now.  Well, let me tell this you need to not be so quick to get upset with them and tell them you dont want to be friends.  You need to forgive them.
2/28/2013  One thing you do that I think is so cute is when we are playing games you have to move your person with one had and use the other hand to count the numbers with your fingers.  Nothing says it like measuring twice.
3/1/2013  You got to have a play date with JP and I am glad that I got him for the recenter because no one came.  You guys had a blast building a fort, tossing balls and eating instead of cooking.  You wanted to bring him back to the house to play but your brother was sick.
3/2/2013  I had to take your brother to urgent care and you stayed home even though your dad was home but asleep.  When we got home you had quite the detailed fort made, it was a castle this time.  You were laying there with Reese watching TV.  At times like this I am so grateful that Heavenly Father watches over you and keeps you safe.
3/3/2013 A day to stay home, another day for you to build and create.  As much as I love to watch you create all your many forts and also makes me so tired.  The house right now is so turned upside down by little old you but at least I know you are being creative.  Thinking tomorrow is going to be a very cleaning kind of day.  I love you my little "messy me".
3/4/2013  Today while we were driving to the library you said, "Mommy, Jobie just said Damn."  I asked you to say it again to make sure I heard you right.  I had to tell you that, that word was a curse word.  It was funny though.
3/5/2013  This morning you once again set up your room full of games for our "party."  One of the activities was drawing.  So, I cut the shapes of eggs and we colored them to hang in the windows.  When I was taking the hearts down, you said "Make sure you put those in my room and not throw them out."  Yep that's my girl pack rat.
3/6/2013  Ha you are so funny you know have to run for the hills to just fart.  You will go down the hall and turn your tush away to let it out.  You crack me up little girl.
3/7/2013   We had to run errands today which was going to two different banks and game store.   I loved that each bank you had to get your brother sucker too even though he was at school.   When he got home you made sure that you gave him his surprise.  He smiled from ear to ear and gave you the sweetest hug.  Mental picture was like watching two little carbon copies face to face hugging.
3/8/2013  Sometimes I hate my job at the recenter but today was one of my better days.  None of the children showed up so I got to spend the time coloring more Easter egg pictures with you.  I love these down times we get together.  However, you are very competitive on many levels.  You insisted from everyone to tell you who  had the prettiest picture.
3/9/2013  Today was the most beautiful day ever.  We spent five hours outside soaking up the sun.  You had to make a bed square in the middle of the sidewalk.  You also had to take every single stuffed animal from the Smith's garage sale.  You also had fun playing with the "zero tracks" instead of Geo traxs.
3/10/2013  We sprung forward today and you were so tired.  I loved that you were so tired during sacarement that you curled up on my lap and let me rub your hair.  Oh to the sweet little moments that go by so quick.
3/11/2013  I honestly love Monday's.  The pure day of leisure.  We got to hang out and do all things girly.  It cracked me up that you insisted on me taking pictures of you while you danced.  I actually got a really cute one of you spinning with your hair all a mess.
3/12/2013  Oh my goodness we went to Holly's house today and you were loving the baby chicks.  It took you a moment to build up your courage to pick them up but once you did you were entertained the whole time.  So cute to see that smile on your face.
3/13/2013  The past couple of days you have been so busy making your own jewelry.  Today we had to keep changing our necklaces and bracelets back and forth.  I loved that you also put a bracelet on Jobie even though it was really big and went all the way over her coat.  It was just cute.  I especially love the angel ornament I have been sporting all day with a yellow yarn necklace.
3/14/2013  Another day of just you and me.  I will say this though I have got nothing done in this house this week because Hazel has not been here and you have been relying on me for everything.  We did get to go out and about which was nice except when you left your blanket at a store.  My heart was racing as I drove back to the store.  You said that it didnt matter that you could sleep anyway.  Ha I know that wasnt the truth.  Thank Heavens it was on the bench where you left it.
3/15/2013  You had Collin  over today and you guys had a blast.  You built this awesome train in the kitchen and it was so cute to listen to you guys plan out your stops.  You carried that on with you all day.  After he left you built another one in the living room.  I would say for weeks now your fort building is still going strong.
3/16/2013  Ha Ha you were getting ready for swim today and I told you to pack underwear.  You said, "I dont need to I am already wearing them."  As you had on just your bathing suit.  Silly girl how long have you been swimming?
3/17/2013  "Annie, what are you doing?" "I am making a candy necklace."  As you are taking scissors and stabbing holes in the middle of perfectly yummy Rolos and beading them onto a yellow piece of yarn.
3/18/2013  I always find it interesting that during those moments that you are most sad you rely on Reese to comfort you.  Of course you came to me first but he was right there checking on you.  Your brother dragged you well he tried to get you to climb on his back but you were too overly tired and crying.  But your Reese was right there snuggled up next to you on the floor because clearly he cant sleep on the bed.  It looks like a giant dog bed on the floor and you two look so snuggled.
3/19/2013  So you were asking me to make you a sandwich and you asked me to burn it.  It took me awhile to figure out that you wanted me to toast it like I did from a couple of days ago.  Good thing I figured out what you were talking about or I would have burnt your sandwich.
3/21/2013  Ha Ha you are so funny.  You told me that you cleaned my iPod while I was in the shower.  I said, "Oh you did?  Well thank you."  You then said, "Yep I cleaned it like this."  You then licked your finger and made swipes in the air.  Well thank you I am glad to know that my iPod was cleaned with your spit.
3/22/2013  You had one of your first sleepovers today.  You got to go to Kaylee's house for a birthday sleepover.  It was actually just you but you guys had a blast. I thought it was cute how you got her a make up bag with nail polish.  You guys put a blanket down and she painted your nails.  Oh so cute.
3/23/2013  Oh my goodness this was a crazy day, the washer went out and I felt like I spent the whole day trying to line up getting a new washer and finding people to help me. It made me feel bad because  I hardly got to spend time with you.  I will say this it is hard to motivate you to clean at any cost.  I said we needed to clean and it was a nightmare.  I even took a bag and picked up things that were important to you and told you in order to earn it back you had to clean.  For example you wanted your crayons that were in the bag and I told you to clean for them.  You said, "Never mind I dont need to color." You are so stubborn.
3/24/2013  You are such a sensitive thing. Today in church your friend Alica got hurt by you and her brother.  When you came into the primary room you looked so sad and concerned for her.   I love that you are so caring.  This is an everyday thing.
3/25/2013  You have gotten into taping things like crazy especially when it comes to making art pictures.  You burned through a whole roll and then moved onto packing tape.  Tonight you were taping with Duct tape.  I guess what I am saying is I love how you are always making and creating pictures for everyone including the dogs.
3/26/2013  So you did this today which made me remember that I wanted to write it down.  Sometimes it is just easier to have you take a shower with me just so I can pick your hair.  Anyway, every time you shower with me you want to play kick the soap.  You will just stand there and kick that thing as far as it will go up the back of the tub.  This seriously keeps you entertained the whole time. I just think it is funny.
3.27.2013 My daughter, "Mommy when I was in your stomach did I have my blanket?" My answer "No" her response, "Did I at least have a pillow?" She seemed very frustrated to find out she had nothing while she was in my tummy.  This was my facebook status for the day.  You are such a funny girl.
3.28.2013  Oh my baby girl you are growing up before my eyes.  You really wanted to sleep over at Kaylee's house and I reminded you that you didn't have your blanket.  You said, "I am okay.  I can sleep without it."  You barely said good bye to me because you were off to paint your nails. 
3/29/2013  So Jordyn told you that she was a better colorer than you and that put you into hyper drive.  I have never seen you more determined to color in between the lines. 
3/30/2013  You were like "mom will you please clean my ears today?  I can see the yellow."  Humm very interesting that you can see inside your own ears. We also go to join Mammaw for lunch at Der Dutchman and we sat in a buggy to eat. 
3/31/2013  We got home from church and I heard your brother say, "Mom, come here and see all these nasty ants."  You then chimed in and said "Yes, I feed them."  As I walk back to the bathroom and see a Pez with tons of ants crawling on it.  Shaking my head at you right now.  Oh I forget to tell you that when you were putting your Easter dress on and all the accessories you were gleaming.  You said, "I feel like this is my wedding day."  HaHa you are so cute.  
4/1/2013  We were heading out to Maryland for the day.  When I was searching for our bed pillows I could not find them.  I was looking everywhere and then it dawned on my that you were making your bed earlier.  I went to look on your bed and sure enough there they were on your bed with all your stuff animals with their heads on our pillows tucked in nice and tight.  I was cracking up because you packed your pillows for yourself and stole ours for your animals.  
4/2/2013  You seriously are so cute.  Today you drew your Aunt LuLu a picture of the two of you guys.  She had her hair up in bun with thick bangs.  So the picture you drew of her had the same hair.  It was awesome.
4/3/2013  We had another nice day we got to go to Chick fil a.  You were so nice about helping your younger cousins the whole time.  You honestly are the most dear and sweet hearted children I know.
4/4/2013  Oh the glow that was in your eye today when we got to ride the metro for the first time was priceless.  However, the sweetest thing was when you fell asleep on your dad's shoulder. 
4/5/2013  Oh to the time we got to spend with Aunt LuLu today.  We went to the library and we played roll the dice.  One thing that impresses me is you may not identify numbers by the way they look but you can look at a dice and know right away how many dots there are.  We also got yogurt and we had nail time. 
4/6/2013  Before we got on the road to come home your Grandpa Edward was giving Daddy a blessing.  You were sitting on my lap and said, "Mommy, I need a tissue."  I opened my eyes to a big old booger on your finger.  I whispered, "Not right now your dad is getting a blessing." You said, "I really need one." My response, "Wait." So you tried to wipe it on their nice chair.  I had to hold your hand with your finger extended.  While the blessing was still continuing on you finally said, "Fine, I will just stick it back in my nose."  I had to pull your hand back from sticking it back in your nose.
4/7/2013  As I said to your brother Reese jabbed me in the eye with his paw.  So it put me out of commission because I could barely open my eye.  Every time I could squint my eye I could see you putting things next to me to make me feel better.  Like a book to read...haha.
4/8/2013  Today was my first day of unemployment and I had a blast with you.  I seriously felt this weight lifted.  When we were driving to pick up Rossi you said, "Mom, why do I have the purple strings in me?"  I said, "Do you mean your veins? They pump your blood."  Your response, "No, Mom the purple strings in my arm."  Okay Okay your purple strings.
4/9/2013  This was the first really warm day that we had and you spent it outside with Reese.  I got to jump on the trampoline with you and push you on the swing.  I loved listening to your laugh, treasure you.  Your quote for the day, "Mom, I built my club in the shadow because it is so hot in the sun."
4/10/2013  Another day of the precious time I got to spend with you. We have been having issues with ants. So much of a problem that you were hysterical a day or two ago because one was crawling on your arm.  We went to Walmart to get ant traps the thing I loved was holding your hand the whole time. You seriously held my hand the whole time and jabber the whole time.  All day we checked on the ant traps, you were more than happy to see them all going into the traps.  You are not one for bugs that is for sure.
4/11/2013  We had a cupcake day. First we had to have a princess shop to help you pick out the outfit to dress for the birthday party that you were invited to on Saturday.  We then read a book about a girl trying to find her cupcake topping.  In the back of the book was recipes for homemade cupcakes.  So we made cupcakes and you found your toppings.  Think I am really enjoying this me and you only time.
4/12/2013  Oh my goodness we had such a busy day.  We were at the recenter all day and you were exhausted.  We had an easy going evening.  We cleaned up the house and got to watch movies.  I was not feeling the best today.  But you were like always my sweet Angel May.  Oh and another thing that you do is when you are giving measurements or talking money.  You will always give two random numbers like, "Mom, you are 52 and 89 high."  You do this with a lot of things.
4/13/2013  We were heading out to a birthday party and you of course were dressed up as a princess.  You were holding a Easter bunny stuffed animal.  You said, "Mommy this Easter bunny is kind of chubby."  I said, "Yeah it is kind of like me chubby in the middle and skinny legs."  You cleared your throat, "Humm Humm you are not chubby Mommy."  HaHa thank you so much
4/14/2013 As we were getting ready for church you asked, "Mommy, why do you have those things on the bottom of your shoes and I dont?"  You were talking about my heals on my shoes and I really had no answer beside they make me taller and make my legs look skinnier.  You are so observant.   Oh and you are such a monkey.  You seriously climbed a tree higher than the roof.  I loved watching you try to figure out how to get up the tree.  First you used two sticks that you planted in the ground.  You stood on those to prop yourself up.  That did not work so you went to your bike. You could imagine how that ended.  I then suggested using a turned over flower pot and the game was on.  You were so high that even our neighbor came out in awe.
4/15/2013  Tonight during family prayer your daddy asked you if you knew who was suppose to pick the person to say the prayers was.  You replied, "Well I will never pick Mommy because her's are too long."  HaHa that wasnt the question but now I am glad to know why you never pick me.  I am just trying to remember everything.
4/16/2013 You were in heaven today you got to have a play time with Hazel today.  You two built a fort under her trampoline.  I also loved playing in the first warm spring rain with you and your brother.  I hope you two will always take time to enjoy the sweet moments in life.
4/17/2013 Today was a day where I just wanted to squeeze you to death. For some reason today you were just tugging at my heart strings.  I think it is me coming to terms with you growing up.  I will say this though I loved the innocence of you and Ian watching a movie together with popcorn today.  At the end you guys were outside  and he was picking you flowers.  Pure innocence made me still have hope in this world.  I love you so much my blondie.
4/18/2013  So you got a sponge/loofah for Easter and  I think it is funny what you call it.  Since I dont think I ever told you the name so you call it "a sqeulshy"  It is so funny to hear you say it.  I love it funny girl.
4/19/2013  Ha I just got my glimpse of what the future will hold for you when you are a teenager and I am not looking forward to it.  I watched my friend Jen's girls so she could take her son out for his birthday.   You and Jordyn were butting heads so bad.  I was listening from the living room and could hear this argument getting bigger and bigger.   I walk into my mermaid fairy princess with tears rolling down her face.  Talk about crushing the soul.  You were apologizing for something that you didnt even need to be apologizing for.  Oh my dear it is going to be a long road.
4/20/2013  My poor big helper.  You were so excited to help me sweep the mulch out of the van and then you got a big cut down your leg from the broom handle.  I felt so bad for you because we were supposed to go swimming as a fun activity.  Instead you got to stay home with daddy and watch power puff girls.
4/21/2013  I love Sunday's I get to spend them all day with you and your brother.  I of course had to make my second fire in our new fire pit.  We had smores in the middle of the day then you and I just laid in the sun on blankets and felt the warmth.  Oh my I could not ask for more.  You then went and made a spot in the "shadow" again.  I could not ask for a better day with you and your brother.
4/22/2013  Today you got to spend the day with Ellie Rehl and you had a blast.  Your dad had an appointment and I had to be with him.  The biggest love for the day is when we were driving home and you laid your head against the car door and fell asleep with the wind blowing your hair,  I could seriously squeeze you to pieces.
4/23/2013  You had  day at your friends Tristan's house because the idea of going to the recenter was so dreadful to you.  When I came to pick you up you guys were out rolling down the hill with some other children.  When we got in the car I thought you  looked sad and I asked you if you were okay.  You said with a cracking cry in your voice, "Those kids asked Tristan if he wanted to be friends but they didnt ask me.  I was just so shy at them."  Oh my gosh talk about break my heart you really wanted to be included but you just didnt know how to get yourself in there.  I swear honey I dont want you to have this heart break I just think you are so young and dont quite understand it yet.  It will get better my sweet baby.
4/24/2013  It was a rainy ugly day so we spent the days indoors playing dress up.  You came in with one of old prom dresses and asked me to put it on.  HaHa at least I could still slide the thing over my hips and zip it half way.  It was seriously one of those moments when I was truly grateful to be a stay at home mom.
4/25/2013  Today was an awful day for you.  You had your kindergarten check up with shots.  It was so heart breaking for me.  I had to hold you against me while you were screaming a scream that no parent wants to hear from their child.  I was crying you were crying all I kept thinking in my head is why do I have to put my child through this?  You made it through and got to go get frozen yogurt.  You were Dr. Dusseau's last patient in that office.  What a memorable one that was.  It was cute since everything was packed  up he was scrambling to find you a treat and all he could come up with was a piece of gum.  Bless you heart baby at least you dont have to have anymore shots until seventh grade.   Oh and you were dreading this appointment all the way there and you said,"I wish I were another white person right now."  HaHa I dont know where that came from or that fact that you already know a difference.  Your brother doesnt even pay attention to that tidbit.
4/26/2013  We had an action packed day.  We got to go over to Jen's house after recenter.  You and the girls made an awesome fort on the front lawn.  I love that you have found such great friends in them.
4/27/2013  Oh my goodness to have you next to me is one of my most favorite things.  We went shopping to get some things for your birthday.  As we were walking through the store you had me jumping onto every square that you jumped on first.  It took us forever to walk or should I say jump through the store.  Also, when we were walking into the store a guy said wow you have your twin right there.
4/28/2013  We spent the whole day creating for your birthday.  I loved that at church you had to pass out all your invitations with the greatest excitement.  Your teacher said that you and the other children could not stop talking about it and that it had turned into a costume party.
4/29/2013  Today on the way to pick up I started to sing a hymn then I stopped.  You started right up after me whispering the sweetest little song you made up all by yourself.  I had the radio all the way down and could hardly hear you.  But it was the sweetest sound ever.
4/30/2013  So there are those moments that I just treasure the simpleness of childhood.  After your bath you were getting ready for bed and you were putting on these treasured Tinkerbell socks that you had.  I just love that you treasure simple things like a pair of socks.  Man to keep you this way, it was a moment I wish I could freeze in time.
5/1/2013 So I liked this day a lot.  We went to chorus babysitting and we played so many fun things during the time.  We played catch with your friend Ethan.  We got to see how many times we could throw it to each other without dropping the ball.  It was a fun game.  Then we sat around and played music instruments.  You then had the idea of drawing all different kinds of musical instruments.  You actually drew an amazing guitar.  I am honestly treasuring every minute with you that I have left with you.
5/2/2013  In the bathroom today I hear, "Oh my poop is so gross, it is green!  Mom you have to see this."  Hmm I am sure I will when I get the pleasure of wiping your tush.
5/3/2013  It is so cute you have been counting the days down until your birthday.  Everyone we see you tell them that you have four days until your birthday.  You will hold up four little fingers but then say I did have this many holding five fingers up but that day is done.  Oh it is so cute to be so little and look forward to your birthday.
5/4/2013  So I had my big run today and I missed your game but I was told you that you played like a champ.  I will be honest the competitive mom in me was worried about putting you in the goal but it is something that has really sparked for you.  You are so aggressive in the goal.  It is so cute to watch you climb all over the ground to stop the balls.  I guess today you got it in the face twice and got right back up.  Way to go my big girl.
5/5/2013  HaHa sometimes you can be so gross.  You said, "Look Mommy my toenail." You were holding it in your hand.  I told you to throw it on the floor and I would vacuum it up.  You responded, "No I want to keep it."
5/6/2013  So one thing I have noticed that you do is strum your bongie hair bangs.  Whenever you seem to be nervous or shy you will start playing with that piece of hair.  I think it is so darling.
5/7/2013  Happy 5th birthday to you my dear mermaid princess.  That is what you wanted for your birthday theme because you truly believe that you are a mermaid princess.  You are such a blessing and joy to have in my life.  I could not imagine life with out you.  You have a precious smile that lights up the world. Thank you for being one of my reasons why I find reason to continue on in this life.
5/8/2013  I love how you are so kind, we had such a busy fun day.  We did chorus babysitting like we always do on Wednesdays and then headed over to Natalie's.  At each place you made sure to do nice things for each child you were around.  I enjoyed playing catch with you.  The best for the day was when you went poopy and your poop was bright pink from your cake from the day before. I felt bad because you said your stomach was hurting and I hope it wasnt from all the sugar from the day before.  You were so excited about the color of your poop you didnt want to flush it, too bad we were at the church when this all happened so it had to go bye bye.
5/9/2013  Whenever I think I am not going to have a busy day it turns out just the opposite.  I was planning the morning to just help Jen get some things out of her house but it turned out as an all day thing.  I felt bad because I told you I was going to do the park with you but that is one thing I love about you, you are so go with the flow.  You did not mind a bit that you had to spend the day with the girls.  In the evening you even got time with them and had fun playing games on the trampoline with Kaylee.  It was jump over the shoes game.  I just loved watching you two play.  I think if we manage to stay around you may just have  a really good little friend growing up.
5/10/2013  Today was your last day of the recenter and you couldnt have been more thrilled.  I just felt bad though because you said your stomach was still upset.  So there were times when you sat out of the activity.  You did get to do things you loved most of all, art and playing hide n seek in the gymnastic room.  It was bitter sweet as much as I was sad to know it was your last day I know you are ready for the next big thing and that is school.  I will miss you in the fall that is for sure.
5/11/2013  Oh my you made tears come to my eyes while you were playing soccer today.  It was like this switch was turned on.  You said, "Okay Mommy, this time I am on the field and I go get the ball?"  Yes my dear that is what you do and you did it.  You were running all over the field getting in there as well as you could.  You even managed to get close to the goal while you were skip dribbling all over the field.  I loved watching your little blond curls all over the field.  Afterwards, we had your family birthday party.  You got to have your Josie time and that matter so much to you.  It was sweet she played dress up with you.  You even wore one of the dresses she put on you to wear while opening your presents and blowing out your candles.
5/12/2013  Like I said to your brother happy Mother's day to me.  I am so grateful to have you as my daughter.  You were so dear to hang out with me on my bed and be next me.  You made me beautiful pictures and a hug that I did not want to let go.
5/13/2013  You were playing with your bouncing ball and said, "Mommy come and look at high the ball can jump!"  Ha little things like that make my day.  After that I got to jump the ball with you.
5/14/2013  You were cracking yourself up today.  You were tying your Mylar balloon to your body and running down the hall to have it follow you.  You were extra happy when your dad tied it to a headband.  I was mowing the grass and you came out with it floating over head.  It was too cute.
5/15/2013  I love my mornings of painting with you.  You will color the perfect lines and be so precise on all your work.  You even manage to not mix the paints. You are very artsy.
5/16/2013 You got out your new paints today and let me tell you, you are a girl of detail.  You painted a picture of the power puff girls and it was amazing.  You knew the color of their hair, clothes and even the puff that follows them.  You then painted a picture of the Lorax.   I just love to see what is brewing in your head.
5/17/2013  HaHa you are the obstacle champ.  At two different locations today you were on the giant blow ups and had to race another child.  The first person you beat was your brother and all you other victims fell quickly.  We then went to the recenter party and did the same obstacle blow up.  I told this older boy how fast you were and that you have yet to be beat.  He challenged you and guess who won, you.  You were so exhausted by the end but very proud of yourself.
5/18/2013  This was your last soccer game of the year and you were awesome in the goal.  You even dropped kicked the ball that you have been practicing doing.  I loved the smile that was on your face when you got your trophy and when asking the other players and parents what you were good at they all said "goalie"  I think we have something to work on over the summer.
5/19/2013  Oh my goodness you had to give a talk today in primary and your dad was helping you with it.  He kept whispering the words in your ears and you kept saying "huh, I dont know that word?"  This went on for a good 30 seconds before he pretty much skipped the whole talk and ended with a very short testimony of tithing.
5/20/2013  So you got to do your time today.  Last night you and your friends decided it might just be a good idea to write on the ceiling of the cabin.  The funny thing is I didnt even remember that I told you that you would have to sit out for some time from the pool.  You just sat down in the chair and said, "Okay Mom how long do I have to sit out?"  Ha so glad that you remembered maybe one day you will soon realize that I forget a lot.  Thank you for being so honest and serving your time.  You had a wonderful day the rest of the time.
5/21/2013  So it took two days for you to realize that you could dive into the big pool and to watch you do it over and over again was so fun.  You have talents beyond believe.  My favorite part of the day however was getting to sit next to you in the bumper boats.  Granted I got soaked beyond believe but it was fun listening to you giggly the whole time.
5/22/2013  You have turned into such a little hair tosser.  Every time we are talking to you or you get nervous you will start to twist or flip your hair off your shoulders.  Honestly, it is to die for funny but I still cannot figure out where you came with all your girlishness.
5/23/2013  Today was the first time ever that you got to go to Chick Fil A with the kids from chorus babysitting.  At first I said no to the mom that asked because I had things to do.  But then you asked and that changed everything.  I reconsidered since you have never went and this would be your last chance before starting school.  You had a blast and the best thing is we learned that we could trade the toy for an ice cream cone.  That put the biggest smile on your face.
5/24/2013  So you and your brother discovered that Reese is quite the soccer player.  It was so priceless watching you three kick the ball around the yard.  He was the happiest dog on earth.  I love that we have that one dog.  That means the one dog in your childhood and all your life that will be the best no matter what other dogs come along.  I can say he is you and your brothers one and only dog.
5/25/2013  Oh my goodness we had the biggest house clean up that there ever was today and can I just tell you that you did a wonderful job doing the dishes.  As I was cleaning the laundry room all I could hear was you putting away dishes and then before I knew it you were loading the dishwasher.  After that you asked if you could mop the floor.  You were seriously the master cleaner for the day.  You earned ice cream and Tangled.
5/26/2013  Girl you have stinker written all over you.  Your dad mentioned that you could maybe stay home from church because your cough was so bad.  I said that you didnt have a temperature so you could go and you would be fine.   He then said okay we will think about it.  Five minutes later you came back to my room and told me that Daddy said you could stay home.  When in fact he said no such thing but by this point it was too late since I needed to get to church because I was giving a talk.
5/27/2013  Well I should get the worst mother of the year award for today.  I had no idea that it was such a chilly rain and I took you to the Memorial Day picnic in shorts and at the very last minute I snagged you a rain coat.  You sat there and just shivered accompanied with your cough.  At least I wrapped my jacket around you. To save some face it did warm up and the sun came up.  I loved watching you and Kaylee swinging.
5/28/2013  On our way to pick up Rossi from school a song from mommy's day started to play, Girls Just Want to Have Fun.  I told you that this was a very fun song that all girls needed to know.  We were both dancing as well as we could in a car.  I love that you are my little mini me girl.  I also love the sweet simple little smiles you always give me in the rear view mirror.
5/29/2013   So you always want me to call you Blossom from the Power Puff girls and some how I can never remember and I always call you Bubbles instead.  Heck as I type this I may have it confused.  I just think it is funny that you always correct me and I still mess it up.
5/30/2013  It was Rossi's last day of school and we made the best of our time before we had to go and pick him up.  I wanted to soak up the last minutes of me and you time.  I went to give you a kiss and you told me, "Well you can have a kiss but I am still daddy's girl."  Well thank you even after I take you to Target and get you popcorn.
5/31/2013  Today was Rossi's first day off from school and we made the best of it.  We went to the zoo and to Alum Creek to swim.  We even took "Ellie Rehl"  that is what you call her and I think it is so funny.  It has been a year since we use to play with Ellie Bruckelmeyer but that is how you kept the two straight.  One was just Ellie and the other Ellie Rehl.
6/1/2013  Oh to the days that we get to stay home.  I ran some errands but for the most part it was just a day to recover from our day of madness from the day before.  You and your brother did enjoy the trampoline and soap again.  While I was cleaning the kitchen table off I looked out and saw both of you drinking straight from the hose at the same time.  It was too cute.
6/2/2013  Oh my goodness so I think catching bugs are starting to be your new thing.  This evening you had Kyra help you catch a fly of some sorts.  The two of you then had fun decorating the bottle home for it.
6/3/2013  So we had an extra jammed packed day.  It actually felt like two days rolled into one. I think it is because of my no technology rule I put into place.  We did so much but the big spill you did was the worst.  Lets just say it was the walk of a nightmare.  To start it off Baxter is the worst dog to walk ever and he had to go poop. I tried to clean it up to just have him yank my arm which in return go dog crap on my knuckles.  Okay to gross I know, I should have just turned around but how could I resist the cuteness of you and your brother.  Your brother was just peddling along on his bike and you were happily running down the side walk with Reese beside you.  When we got to the corner of where we usually turn I said no lets go one more block.  That was a big mistake.  No sooner than crossing the road Reese took off after a squirrel leaving you to the sidewalk.  You were covered on your whole left side with scratches and raspberry scratches.  You were crying and I needed to get to you but I also needed to get to Reese before he took off for good.  I got him and you pretty much at the same time.  So there I was carrying you and a dog on each side with a bag of dog crap hitting Baxter in the face the whole way home.  Your brother did come to your rescue when you decided to walk he then put you up on his bike and walked you and the bike home the rest of the way.
6/4/2013  Today you got a "geese bite" it was pretty big and awful.  Some how you got goose bump and  bug bite all mixed up to make the word geese bite.  Oh and can I say sometimes you tend to be a little la de da.   I asked you to pick up the socks from the laundry room floor and put them in the sock basket.  You came back to my room three times confirming what you needed to do with the socks.   When I came out of the room you said, "See Mommy I am taking the socks and putting them in the hamper."  All I could do is give out a frustrated laugh all at once.  You were taking the clean socks from the sock basket and putting them in the dirty hamper.
6/5/2013  So today we went to the fountains downtown.  You had a blast running through the very cold water, you are such a water baby.  The funny for the day was when we were eating lunch.  Rossi was talking about if their were three of us each.  I said, "Yeah that would be nice maybe we could get a healthy daddy."  And you said, "And a sugar daddy."  I was cracking up on the inside.  You then finished the sentence by saying, "You know one that likes a lot of sugar."
6/6/2013  Today we spent the day a little outdoors but mostly indoors because it was just one of those rainy days.  While we were outside you made some of the best wet chalk drawings.  You made the sweetest one of me and you with a rainbow over head.  You love your rainbows.
6/7/2013  So today we went on this adventure to a new metro park it was a little disappointing but we made the best of it.  You, Jordyn and Kaylee had fun catching "Daddy legs"  I swear I love all the funny names you kids come up with.
6/8/2013  Today you woke up with an upset stomach and come to find out "three Popsicle a day can cure that"  You have made a deal with me that you will only have three a day.  I think it is funny that you will count them and be done.
6/9/2013  Today you held up a melted piece of cheese and said "Mom does this look like a stingray?"  Sure enough the next piece you held looked like a "butterfly."
6/10/2013  You are such a good helper.  Whenever there is  need to be done you are the first to jump on it.  We have been taking care of Holly's dogs this week and you have been the one feeding them morning and night.  You were even excited to pick up the dog poop.  I am paying you though so you have money to spend on your trip.  Seriously I love how quick you are to help.  You just now said, " I am drawing a picture of me and Grayden getting married."  You just drew yourself and asked if you looked tall enough to get married.
6/11/2013  So today was a heart stopper for me that is for sure.  You got out too far in the water at Alum Creek because you were following Parker out.  You are a great swimmer but I think you just forgot what you knew.  My heart was racing but I got to you fast enough before the panic was to set in.
6/12/2013  Talk about the night of my life.  I got to take you to Wicked for the first time ever.  You were all dressed up in a pink sparkly dress, to look like Glinda.  The look in your eyes was priceless. They were so full of wonderment.  Oh and your little clap every time they got done singing was darling. You even got a compliment from the gentleman sitting next to us on how well behaved you were. I loved holding you on my lap and enjoying that moment with my little amazing girl.
6/13/2013 So I swear this is the first time ever that you got something different stuck in your hair.  It was a pine branch it looked like an old fashioned curler.  It was so hard to get those suckers out.
6/14/2013  Yeah we got to go to Natalie's house today and swim.  I was kind of cracking up because you were talking to her and of course she couldnt understand you.  You repeated yourself twice and she she finally said, "Yes that sounds great."  Honestly there are those times when you will talk so fast when I dont understand either.   You just always have these big ways of understanding the world.
6/15/2013  So I have been talking about how skinny your legs have been looking.  Tonight while family prayer you said, "Look at how skin I am."  Ha you always crack me up with your mix up with words.
6/16/2013  So today you reminded me that I had to call on you first for sharing time.  Because the last month I didnt call on you.  You were gleaming ear from ear when you came up first.
6/17/2013  As we started our drive to Ocean City you were checking with us on the details.  You  said, "So first we go to the hotel, beach and then Edward Grandpa?"  Just the way you said Edward Grandpa was absolutely adorable and now I think that is his name.
6/18/2013  So your new thing is "dont tell anyone"  this statement is usually followed by something that you did that was funny.
6/19/2013  Little things that I find adorable are when you are getting ready and you just tucked your shirt into your shorts.  I cannot think of many children that do that.
6/20/2013  Oh you and your daddy girl thing.  We went to the board walk and you were in aw with the Ferris wheel.  You of course picked your Daddy to ride next to you.  It was such a tender little moment for your daddy.
6/21/2013  Today was a day of me and Daddy.  I hardly got to see you guys.  I did have fun drawing and decorating shells with you.  You were so kind to share all your stuff with your cousins especially your shells.
6/22/2013  So this whole trip has been involved with you "farting" and "not telling anyone"  Just this evening you were sitting on the little play horse and farted.  You then came over to me and whispered "I just farted on the horse dont tell anyone."  It is just funny because we have to give you this whole lecture on manners when at your grandparents house.  You have been so good.
6/23/2013  Oh my tears and fighting.  This was a day I dont care to repeat for a long time.  The best was the very long nap I got to take with you guys.  One sweet thing I forgot to mention was the day you picked up Grandma and Grandpa Edward's toys in the living room all by yourself.
6/24/2013  You got to have special time with your Edward Grandma today.  She painted your nails so pretty pink.  Little moments are the ones that are the best.
6/25/2013  So I dont know if I have told you that you are the best at remembering to always say your prayers.  Tonight was one of those very tender moments.  I was having a lot of pain in my gallbladder while driving to pick up the dogs and I looked pack to both, you and your brother, with bowed heads.  At the moment you two were sending up your little prayers for me, I could feel them for me.
6/26/2013  I love how creative and sensitive you are all at the same time.  Your cousin Boone caught a bee and it was well on its way of dying.  But you guys built it a little home in the play house equipped with a bed and food.  You then came in and got your lady bug that you had just caught to give the bee a friend.  
6/27/2013 Conversation with your dad this evening on the couch.  He was talking about how he use to get bit by mosquitoes all the time.  You and your brother then started naming areas of the body and you said, "How about your penis?"  Ahh what are we going to do with you girl.
6/28/2013  You got to stay home this evening and have a night in with your dad.  When he had the choice to go out with the guys for a guy night he choose you.  He told me that you guys watched a movie and had the best ice cream sundaes ever.  They had chocolate chips, Oreo crumbs and sprinkles.  I can see why you are a daddy's girl.
6/29/2013  Saturday's are such a great down day.   After we woke up from our late night we went to Holly's to get your brother.  It was so cute watching him drive you around in the little battery powered car.  You two really are a good pair.
6/30/2013  You made my birthday extra special today.  I am thinking you told all he kids in your primary class that is was my birthday so to tell me happy birthday.  You also made me a yummy lunch which consisted of carrot sticks, yogurt, and a cheese stick with a Capri sun to wash it down.
7/1/2013  We had a fun swim day again. I dont think I have told you yet but you have the most perfect cannon ball ever, you seriously tuck those knees and torpedo into the water.
7/2/2013  You caught a lady bug today and while putting it in the bug habitat you have you told it "to go live its dream."  HaHa you are such a funny girl.
7/3/2013  We spent the day at Natalie's house waiting for the fireworks,  however we did not see them so we got in the car and drove towards them.  When we got close to the grand finale you were gleaming.  You came home and said, "Daddy we saw the personality"  haha you are so funny.  I love that you and your brother both made up a name for it.
7/4/2013  So we went to Holly's house for the forth of July.  It was fun we got to watch the fireworks on top of her porch.  The funny for the night is when you came in a said, "I know how to spell Kaylee's nickname.  It's K.K.....K"  Oh my gosh I dont know what to do with you.  She really does go by KK.
7/5/2013  So I dont know where you got telling me your every move but I could not escape you today.  You had to come to me in the bathroom just to tell me that you touched your side with a fork that you were putting away.  Like just now you brushed up against me and said, "I just touched you with my side when I did this."  Oh my goodness what am I to do with you.
7/6/2013    We left for our trip to VA today.  I love that you are such an easy breezy girl.  You were content just coloring and then of course you were ever so happy watching a movie.
7/7/2013   The beach was so wonderful today but the best part of the day was when you were outside next to Kenton talking his ear off while he dug holes.  It was seriously so cute you were is tool holder.
7/8/2013   We had a down day today and the best part of the evening was when you were playing baby with Logan and Mason.  You were in heaven having your own real life sized baby dolls.
7/9/2013  Girl you are not afraid of anything.  We were at the beach today and the jelly fish were washing up on shore and you had no problem picking them.  Both your brother and AC were hesitant to touch it but not you.  You had fun burring them and writing their names above them.  Kind of scary that you were giving them all your friends names.
7/10/2013  Today was our last day and we were headed out to go on our next adventure.  We went to Williamsburg and it was so hot.  But you had a blast snap every picture possible.  The funny thing is you managed to get some cute photos of things.
7/11/2013  Our next adventure this day was going into a Cavern in WV.  You guys were in aw with it.  You were so proud of yourself for finding crystals in the walls.  I really had fun doing this with you guys it was really neat. Also during dinner you were cracking us up eating one noodle at a time.  Even a man sitting at another table kept smiling at you.  No matter where we go you radiat attention.
7/12/2013  Today was a day of leisure.  For the morning it was nice just sleeping in from the big trip.  You had fun in the afternoon having your friends over.  You guys played and you got to do your club for the day.  Even though you girls got a little bossy with each other you still had fun.
7/13/2013  Yeah for a day to see Hazel again.  You were so excited to see her that you made her a picture and made me frame it.  You then wrapped.  It was actually Adrian's birthday but hey that is okay.  I guess Net told me that you played with Hazel the whole time and were so good to her.
7/14/2013  I thought it was cute today at church you had the scripture and I whispered in your ear to tell you to speak loudly for everyone to hear.  You were just that you spoke so loud and clear.  It was so cute because you really are still so little and to help you build that confidence.
7/15/2013  We had a day at the beach well what qualifies as a beach in Ohio.  You got to spend the day with Hazel and you had run getting buried in the sand.  One thing that dawned on me was that you will always pass out in the car.  You were out like a light.  It was so cute seeing you in the back with your mouth all open the way daddy does.  Oh yeah and since you slept you were up late and spent the evening painting my nails which by the way you did a fabulous job.  I could not believe you managed to make dots and strips on my toes.  You have very good motor skills.
7/16/2013  So today was not that eventful.  Despite my efforts of motivation to get you and your brother to do some small cleaning it took all day with missing things that I had planned.  Finally the thing that got you both moving was the threat of taking the Simcox kids away from you.  When they got here you guys had a blast.  You and Jordyn were totally in your element catching bugs all evening.  It was cute.
7/17/2013  We spent the day at Natalie's swimming which it could not have been a better day to do it since it was almost 100 outside.  Your sweetness was how much of a helper when cleaning up.  You were determined to carry the water jug back.  Then when we got home, you said, "Mom, you go in empty handed.  Because you always carry the things in."  That was so sweet of you since that is one of my rules when getting out of the vehicles.  Thank you for thinking of me.
7/18/2013 Girl I swear you are this fearless creature.  Your brother has been working on diving into the pool but kept going in feet first or at the same time.  So you got out of the pool and said, "Its like this Rossi."  And did the most perfect dive ever.  Then later on in the day  Holly and I were talking about belly smackers and you said "I can do that watch."  You stood straight put your arms to the side and fell straight into the water, smack!!  You came out of the water like it was nothing.  I was cracking up at you.
7/19/2013  Fearless that is you my girl.  I swear put anything before you and you will do it.  We went to a pond party and you were the first to jump off the diving board and then the challenge of the zip line.  It took some convincing but you did it.  When you did the zip you got off and said it was so awesome.  You amaze me.
7/20/2013  Today goes down as one of the worst days of my life.  I hit my breaking point.  Even in my time of need you managed to brighten my day.  You brought me lunch in bed and brought me the drink that "gives me diarrhea."  Ha you are a funny girl.  I also liked that you wanted to play Ninja Turtle.
7/21/2013  Oh to the day of rest.  Jen was nice enough to take you and your brother back to her house so I could have some time to myself after the day I had yesterday.  It was nice though being getting to come and pick you guys up to just watch play with the girls.  I seriously think if we stick around you could have some very good friends in them.
7/22/2013  It was a rainy day so we spent it in the rain and then indoors.   I love cold summer rains.  Your funny today was when you were eating chips and said, " I have a chip in my belly button."  Just the way you were sitting there made me smile.
7/23/2013   We got to go on a tour of Columbus today and then go back to a hotel and swim.  You and your brother both were more interested in feeding the birds at the market  then eating your own food.  It was a fun day and much needed break to be treated to something.  The missionary that taught me parents were here and they were the ones that took us out and about.
7/24/2013  Yeah for the girl who took her training wheels off.  You are still a little wobbly but you did fantastic.  I think with about a week of help you should be able to steer and go.  I thought it was funny how you had to run to the back yard with your most high pitch noise ever to tell me you did it.  The best part was seeing your dad so tired from chasing you.
7/25/2013  We had are salon day today.  You got your first shampoo in the big sink.  It was seriously so cute.  I know I am not that girly but I love doing this with you.
7/26/2013  Okay so it is so true you are the slowest eater on the face of the planet.  This whole week has proven that.  But today was the worst.  I was trying to get you guys to clean so we could go to a friends house but you needed to eat lunch.  It seriously took you forty minutes to eat 4 chicken nuggets, carrot sticks and a mandarin orange.  You came into this life to teach me to savor and be patient.
7/27/2013  So you and Kaylee are seriously the best of buds.  I find it remarkably cute that you two have to have this crazy embraces when you see each other.  It is as if you havent seen each other in years even though it has only been a day.
7/28/2013  Oh my goodness I dont know what was into you today during church but you must have had ants in your pants.  I usually dont have to say anything to you during sharing time and you were not listening at all.  So of course I had to take the thing away and make you cry.  You will fight it so hard not to cry in front of people so you will just drop your little head and get little tears in your eyes.  I love you even when you are naughty.
7/29/2013  We had a Smith boy day today and for the first time this summer you had no little girls to play with.  You were actually pretty bored but it got better for you when other girls from the neighborhood came out.  You were so cute peddling your heart out on the playground on your little bike.  At least you could run with the big boys today.
7/30/2013  You were putting away the dishes today and for some reason there was a smell in the kitchen and you said, "I can smell that because I have a good sniffer, Mom."  Ha Ha sometimes I think you are seriously my entertainment in life.
7/31/2013  So there are many days when I think huh when it comes to you.  Today was one of those days.  I honestly think I love how your mind works some time.  You asked me if you could water the tomatoes and I said yes they probably need it.  So you took a cup outside got water from the rain barrel and brought it in to water the tomatoes sitting in the window.
8/1/2013  So your brother was sick today and you got most of the day to spend with me.  We were outside this evening waiting once again for the ice cream truck that never comes down our street.  While we were waiting you picked a Maple leave off of a tree and started tearing pieces off saying, "He loves me, he loves me not."  When I asked who you were talking about you whispered softly, "Grayden." I knew it was him that you were thinking about I just wanted to make sure.
8/2/2013  When you got something on your mind, you will not let it go.  We had planned all day to make ice cream.  Unfortunately it did not work.   So for the rest of the night you kept asking when we were going to do it again.  No matter how many times I told you it just didnt register that we weren't going to make it.  I tried to make it a learning opportunity that things some time things just dont work out.   You were also kind of naughty today I saw you slam Charlie on the ground.  I told you that I wanted me sweet Annie to come back and this mean Annie to check out.  So during dinner I told you that I loved you. You said, "But you love the Annie from the day before when I was nice not this new Annie."  Oh brother yes I love you even when you are naughty.
8/3/2013  We had a blast at a fair today.  It was your first getting to ride a lot of rides.  You were with your best of bud Kaylee and it was so sweet.  The best part of the day was when I actually figured out what you meant by "a low ponytail"  For weeks you have been so frustrated at me for not knowing what you were talking about.  It took Jen putting a braid in Jordyn's hair for you to say "that is the low ponytail I have been wanting."
8/4/2013  You are such a girl to take matters into your own hands.  I was making you guys burritos and you did not want them.  So you started climbing up on the counters to make your own lunch.  I then hear you say, "Mom can you help me with this jello?"  I knew what you meant.  I think it is funny anything with sound "gel" in it, it is always Jello.  You said this about hair gel and jelly.  You are such a funny girl.
8/5/2013  Yeah for a road trip to Dayton.  We had such a wonderful time.  You had so much fun playing in the water at Wenzinger Gardens.  I thought it was so fun how you had fun watching you play house with the kids.
8/6/2013  You had your kindergarten evaluation today.  When I asked you the teacher how you did she said, "She really had her thinking cap on."  When I got in the car I said, "Wow, I am so proud of you for putting on your thinking cap."  You said, "I wasnt wearing a cap.  They were head phones."
8/7/2013   We had a blast taking a tour of downtown Columbus.  We went on the Santa Maria and when I said it was time to go, you responded, "We havent taking the boat out yet."  Ha you thought we were suppose to take this replica out on the water.
8/8/2013    I dont know how I missed this day but I will use this day to tell you how you make me feel.  I love how you make me take deep breathes.  I read an article about not making your daughter hurry and rush.  So I am trying to be more at peace with my little girl who takes pleasure in life itself.  Like one instant is the rate you eat.  I make all effort to sit with you until you finish and let me tell you it takes you thirty minutes to eat three chicken nuggets and carrot sticks.
8/9/2013   You and Kaylee were the total peace makers today.  We were at the store and you both were trying to make the other kids happy.  You two started singing made up songs that could make the kids smile and make their tears go away.
8/10/2013   Today was of course a day of cleaning again.  You are such a good cleaner and you and your brother both earned a movie and ice cream.  I went out with a friend and came home to the most barricaded fort with you sleeping in it.
8/11/2013  Today like most days you oozed cuteness.  You let me do a little braid again and wore a cute pink head band with a pink flower on it.  There was just enough hair coming out to make it so cute.  You then put your little church shoes on with white socks pulled up to your knees.  I just love when you are just the sweet little girl so full of innocence.  You however did make a not so good choice today at church when you decided to hide in the bathroom from you teacher with Jordyn.
8/12/2013  Wow, so I think it is so cute how you are trying to read.  After I read a book to you a few times you are convinced that you can read it to me.  I love to listen to you try to retell the story.
8/13/2013 "Can someone get the sweeper for me?  You would be a sugar plums if you do"  When you ask for something like that how can we refuse.
8/14/2013  So you are my new weight when running.  You love to come along in the stroller, it makes it way harder on me but how can I refuse.  Today you brought along your Polly Pockets and stuffed animals.  That was fun to pick up along the way.
8/15/2013  Open house tonight and of course you put on your charm.  This was my facebook status when I got home: "My daughter while meeting her kindergarten teacher tonight: I was telling the teacher that Annie loves to draw and do puzzles and that's about it. The teacher respond that will change by the end of the year. Annie said, "I like to do other things" the teacher, "Oh you do what is that?" Her response, "Sleep" Haha, is sleeping an activity?"
8/16/2013  So we had a campfire this evening.  Before hand I saw some wood by the curb so I stopped the van to get it.  When I was loading it I got dry leaves all over the van.  You said, "Hey, you are making a mess and I just swept this van."  Ha little things like this make me crack up because I think this every day with you.
8/17/2013  So you are developing this little girl attitude.  Tonight when you were looking for your jammies you held up your fingers in the quotation making and said, "I cant find my "Jammies" that you would call real ones."  Well then in that case my dear just pick a t-shirt you funny thing.
8/18/2013  I love how you kind of will act before thinking.  I may not like this when you are older but now I will take it.  You asked me to make you a paper plane during church.  You were playing so nice and I figured you knew better to not throw it.  Ha that thing went flying.  The other cute moment is when we were singing the rest hymn and you started to pack up.  I thought I think she thinks we are done.  Then Brother Bailey started to talk and I looked over and your arms were folded with your eyes closed tight.  You thought he was giving the closing prayer.  Seriously you have your own beat.
8/19/2013  First day of school ever and boy was it an adventure.  The whole day was one big emotion for me.  You could not wait to get to school so we seriously arrived twenty minutes before.  The ride there seemed forever for me, I just kept running through my mind I am taking my baby to school over and over.  When I asked you how you were doing you said, "I have  quabillion butterflies in my stomach right now and I bet you have a kazillion sad ones right now."  You couldnt have been more correct. However, you manage to always pull of funnies no matter what.  When we pulled up to the school you said, "Wait, I think the butterflies moved to foot now."  I think this meant your foot had actually fallen asleep but I wasnt about to correct you.  Then when I took you to your room you said, "Okay now why arent you leaving?"  Ha you couldnt get me out the door fast enough.  However, I was required to stay with you for the day, sorry.  I love you baby girl with all my heart and I am so excited for you to start your road of education.
8/20/2013  Well today was a blast with you.  As a family we went to Alum Creek.  To be honest there was definitely tension between your dad and I.  He wasnt feeling well and I really wanted him to come because you guys have been talking about this trip with him for a week.  He sat on his towel and did not move.  Your brother was really upset and didnt want to do anything because he wanted to play with Daddy who wasnt moving.  So you and I made the best of it.  We played Frisbee, built a sandcastle, played on the kick boards and did it all over again.  You said, "Daddy and Rossi are not being fun right now but we are having fun.  And you are spending time with me because you never do."  That took me by surprise because I am always with you.  I guess I need to make a better effort of doing things with you.
8/21/2013  So we played board games tonight and during Candyland you said, "We cant use the blue, that is Michigan's color."  HaHa you make your mom so proud.
8/22/2013   So you made a new friend yesterday at Rossi's new friends church and she happened to be his sister.  So during class I guess she kept following you around all day because she really had fun with you.  You came home and said, "That girl kept following me around and I dont like being followed."  I tried to explain to you that she just wanted to be your friend and you should be nice.  Yeah no such luck you were not giving on it at all.
8/23/2013  Today was the first day of the week that you came out with a smile on your face from school.  I have been so sad for you this whole week because you have been upset about these whole DoJo points.    But today you came out with your cute little braids in your hair with your sweet headband with the smile from ear to ear.
8/24/2013  So I may have told you this before but I love how much you take care of us when we do not feel good.  After you came back from Zachary's birthday party you made me the usual you are sick in bed lunch.  A cheese stick, yogurt, milk and some new peanuts.  It was wonderful.
8/25/2013 So whenever you want a Popsicle you will "pay the toll."  This cracks me up it seems like it doesnt matter what time of day it is when you give me a big wet kiss it is all yours.
8/26/2013  So you were telling me about how you try to listening to Ms. Osborne and then Kaylee was talking to you too.  You then told me how you used one ear for Ms. Osborne and the other ear for Kaylee.  That is great glad to know that you were probably not really listening to either of them.
8/27/2013  Man this whole school thing is seriously emotional for me and you.  I dont know how to help you understand and figure out the social norms.  It just breaks my heart to see you come to me each day with a misunderstanding of something that happened in class.
8/28/2013  So there is this new tradition that Kaylee has started with you.  For some reason she seems to think you guys need a new picture taken every day before school.  I will say we have gotten some darling ones.  You two are so cute together.
8/29/2013 We went out to the Lamb's to get apples.  You and Kaylee were seriously beyond cute playing with the chickens.    You two had a blast making one big chicken family.  The story kind of followed that of Cinderella.  It was such a wonderful day.
8/30/2013  I got to get you all decked out in OSU attire for school today.  When we were shopping we found a nail writer in the clearance bin.  I got to do your nails before school in buckeye spirit. When your teacher saw you she said you looked like a future cheerleader.
8/31/2013  Oh my goodness you walked in from Ellie's birthday party gleaming.  You had a beautiful butterfly painted on your face.  It was seriously so cute.
9/1/2013  So you crack me up.  In your church or even at home when we ask you a question that is church related you will give the answer "choose the right or the holy ghost"  Even Sister Staten was telling me that was how you always answer your questions.
9/2/2013  You got to with Autumn to her parents this morning.  When I got there later on you were so excited to see me.  You couldnt wait to show me the song you could sing on the stage they had in their basement.  The song you were singing was the one from The Little Mermaid.  I loved how you have no clue what the lyrics are so you make them up.  It is way prettier when you made up your own words.
9/3/2013  Once again you were so upset after school.  When I picked you up Jen told me that a boy was whistling in your ears.  I then said "That must mean he likes you."  Then you said, "No it doesnt"  You then started to cry because you didnt want the boy to like you.  I also think it is cute that you wanted two braids in your hair today.  You told me it is a pattern on how you wanted to do your hair, two braids, down, then one braid.
9/4/2013  Oh my little love. I think it is funny that you and Kaylee seem to think you need pictures together every day before school.  I would have to say I have a pretty good collection of photos of you guys together.
9/5/2013  This whole week you have been asking to make a fort in the laundry room with popcorn, capri sun and a movie.  How could I resist?  So you were talking to Kaylee on the phone and I hear, "I remember when I was four,"  You then continued to tell her all about your plans.  I just thought it was fun that you could recall times when you were four.
9/6/2013  So you got it into your mind that our garden needs to have a playground and home for the garden fairies.  You made a very nice swimming pool and your brother even helped you.  You two made rafts for it.  I then helped you make a diving board and slide for them too.  I love how magical everything for you is.
9/7/2013  Oh wow you had me running like crazy today.  Your brother spent the night with Gavin so it was just me and you.  We got to work on your fairy house more.  I loved taking you to the library and most of all I loved walking through WalMart with you.  You were such a big helper helping me carrying things and your little blond curls were bouncing all over.  Oh and the best thing today you read your first book ever.  You have been having such a hard time at school so it was a great confidence builder for you!!!  I was so proud of you.
9/8/2013  You are such a sweet girl.  We were sitting behind the Bailey kids and you were giving things to Weston underneath the pew to keep his attention.
9/9/2013  Here's to a new week it took a bit of briber to get you to have a good week.  When I came to pick you up I asked you if you earned a chip.  You were so proud of yourself to say yes.  Plus you did an awesome job in your reading with mommy today.  I can say I love being your cheerleader.
9/10/2013  So we had a last day swim at the Thurstons house.  You were wearing goggles that covered your nose.  You were doing somersaults in the water like crazy and you managed to learn how to swim down and retrieve  things off the bottom of the pool.  What a good way to end the summer on the seriously hottest day of the summer.
9/11/2013  We had a field trip to an apple orchard.  The best part of the field trip was seeing you get so excited to ride on a bus for the first time.
9/12/2013  So here lately the Simcox girls have been upsetting you.  Now it is Jordyn tell you that she is stronger and bigger than you.  This has given you kind of a complex thinking you are not good enough or strong.  So tonight you were climbing walls and doing head stands trying to get strong.  I had to tell you all the things that you can do that she cant.  It made you feel better because honestly you are an amazing girl and I dont want you to ever feel otherwise.
9/13/2013  Boy night and girls night just what Momma needed.  We did our make up, nails, colored, watched  a movie, and told stories.  I seriously loved spending time with you.  Every time like this with you makes me grateful for you like crazy.
9/14/2013  Oh my to a wonderful day.  Today was a day all about you and your brother.  We took a trip to WalMart.  You and your brother both counted up your money that you have been saving forever.  Today was the day that you were going to spend it.  However, when we got there and it took a lot of you to pull out your money and hand it over.  But the Ken doll was totally worth it.  After your brother decided there were no toys he picked a Beta fish.  You were to excited and had to have one too.  So you both ended up with a fish.  You named yours Simon.
9/15/2013  "Hey Mom can we ride bikes yet?"  This is all I heard from the minute we got in the car to come home from church.  Even though I wanted to just breath after teaching today.  Instead of doing that right off the bat we played games together and watched a movie together.   You told me that during the movie I could nap so you could ride a bike afterward.  Since you discovered that you could ride your big bike that is all you want to do.  It was funny watching you go at your super speed and I mean you could go fast.
9/16/2013  We went tot he library today and there was this little girl who came up and stole a toy out of your hands.  She clearly had delays so I didn't say anything.  When we were in the car I was talking to you about her and how she had delays.  You said that you didn't have any delays and I said do you know why. You said, "Yes because Jesus made me this way."  Yes He did and you are perfect.   I was thinking because you had a very nurturing mother that gave you the best start but Jesus will always trump me.
9/17/2013  You were a super star at school today.  You came home so happy and told me that you got to read your sentence "Ned wants to nap"  You were so excited to be a super star for the day.
9/18/20  First soccer practice of the year.  You were so excited.  You asked, "If knock someone down will I get in trouble?"  Uh no that is soccer and it will happen.  You did just that and it happened to be a boy.   You seriously are amazing at soccer now.
9/19/2013 My facebook status: Giving kisses to my kids before bed I usually always tell my kids one thing I love about them. So they returned the favor and my daughter "loves me because I keep her clean so she can have a boyfriend." Well in that case she will only bath on days that start with T.
9/20/2013  I am having such a hard time helping you with this whole Kaylee issue.  She was blatantly mean to you but her mom failed to recognize it.   My heart just breaks for you because I dont now how to help you with it.  Your dad and I have decided to cut back the time spent because I am not going to let you get bullied by someone who is suppose to  be your friend.
9/21/2013  So today was your first buckeye game ever and you picked Daddy to go with you.  He told me that it meant so much to him to take you there.  I was so jealous but I was okay with it.  I know you are his girl.
9/22/2013 I am guessing during primary Kaylee was once again not being nice.  Rossi said, "I dont know why you are friends with her."  You said, "I am not I am just not telling her."
9/23/2013   I got your report card today and lets just say I was not happy at all.  This whole school thing has put me in a high stress level.  I can see how much you are trying and for some reason your teacher is over seeing what a wonderful little girl you are.  Even though I have these feelings about her you seem to be oblivious of it.  Just today you made her a decoration for her door.  You are without a doubt the sweetest girl I know.
9/24/2013  Today was my first day at the recenter without you.  When I told you that I was going you were so sad.   I missed you so much the whole time I was there.
9/25/2013   You are figuring out this whole what it takes to be a good friend.   After your soccer practice you were playing with Ashlyn.  You told me that you were going to say something that wasnt nice but you knew that would not be a good friend.
9/26/2013   This trying to help you in building your confidence is quite a challenge but I will say this you are doing so awesome in my book.  You are trying to figure out what rhyming is and I think it is so funny the random words you will come up with that "rhyme."
9/27/2013  Excitement for the day beside the SWAT team adventure this afternoon that freaked you and your brother out.  You got to go to the Rehl's and camp out in their tree house.  You were so excited to have a load of sugar and fun.  It was so nice of them to let you guys sleep over.  You guys also had fun setting of a glow stick in the potato launcher.
9/28/2013  You were a little star today on the soccer field.  At the very end of the game you were seriously dribbling straight down the field and missed the goal by a hair.  You did such a good job some of the other parents on the other team said, "We need to get number 5 and 10 out of the game they are too good."  You have come so far from where you were last fall.
9/29/2013  Oh my goodness you were just so snugly today.  I think I am going through this I cannot believe my baby girl is getting so big.  I just wanted to hold you all day.  It helped that you were so tired all day that you just let me hold you.
9/30/2013  Today I gave you the choice of the library or staying home with me to play games.  You picked staying home.  I made a rhyming game and we played it almost the whole time.  I am so impressed with how well you are doing in your school work.  You are such bright girl.
10/1/2013  So as much as I struggle with this whole Ms. Osborne thing, you are constantly making her surprises. Today you made a darling rainbow cut out of construction paper then tied with crepe paper.  I love that you are naive to her coldness.
10/2/2013   I love to take you to soccer.  I seriously cant believe that you are the same girl from a year ago.  Today you were just all around cuteness in your little pink skirt.  Jordyn came to practice with you tonight and I think you found something that you were better than her at.  You have been so upset that she tells you that she is stronger and bigger.  You being sweet did not put the two together.
10/3/2013  Since you are starting to get this great understand of sounds and how words are made.  You have started write words like crazy.  My favorite is how there is yellow and then your "lellow"  You even said that is not my way of spelling it because I dont say it that way.
10/4/2013 So we did this last week after recenter but we did it again.  We sat outside and did your reading.  I enjoyed the beautiful weather while listening to you master words.  You got so excited when I told you I could tell the wheels in your brain were going.
10/5/2013  We were on our way to your game and you said, "Great I cannot wait to take people out."  Oh word this from the girl who could hardly stand playing last year.
10/6/2013  So it was General Conference today. This evening during the closing song it started to rain you sat at the window and yelled, " Harder, harder, harder come on rain harder!" You then said, "I wished and it came true!"  And yes it was one of the craziest rains with wind I have seen in a long time.
10/7/2013  So today we had a plumber out to snack our main line.  They man seriously smelled like sewer.  I was saying to your dad, "That guy really smells."  You finished my sentence by saying, "like crap."  HaHa you are so funny.
10/8/2013  So we were talking how we were alike.  You said, "We have the same curly hair."  I also said, "You also want to be a Mommy like me when you grow up."  You then said, "Yeah I am going to make my kids clean all day while I relax on the couch and watch movies."  Ha let me know how that works out for you.
10/9/2013   Soccer practice is so much fun but I had way more fun playing with you and your brother at the church after scouts.  It was so cute to see you and I against all the boys.  I swear you remind me so much of myself.  You had no fear going up against those boys.  You even got a goal.
10/10/2013  Today was one of those days when I felt like a horrible mother.  You were struggling with the reading lessons and I made you cry.  You went back to Daddy and he tried with you and you said, "Mommy was making me cry and I cannot do it."  It tore my heart out.  We took a break that is for sure.  I just wish this kindergarten year wasn't such a stress on all of us.
10/11/2013  I will say this you are an amazing artist.  You cashed in your "coins" for a box of crayons.  I loved the picture that you drew today.  It was a beautiful birthday picture of you and a princess with two very dear friends, Mayla and Alicia.
10/12/2013  Soccer and pumpkin patches were in the works for the day.  You did amazing at the soccer game today.  So close to a goal I can feel it you will get it one day.  We had fun going to the pumpkin patch too.  You were such a strong girl trying to pull the whole wagon full of corn and pumpkins.  The pumpkins we got were so small.  I had to take you guys to get some at the store.  It was actually so cute seeing you getting so excited to pick the biggest one in the box.
10/13/2013  Oh my little girl when it comes to you.  You steal my heart always.  I love being in primary just so I can hold you on my lap and hear you sing.
10/14/2013  The light switch is on!! Oh my word you flew through your lesson then picked up some Hooked on Phonics books and read them to me.  Yeah you rocked today/
10/15/2013  We were driving to school today and it was quite gray and gloomy out.  You said, "It is so hoggy out."   I said, "Yes it is a little foggy out today."  You then responded, "Oh its foggy would you not tell anyone I said hoggy."
10/16/2013  So whenever you are coloring and drawing a person you will always ask for "the skin color."  Which is the peach/cream color.  We also had a wonderful girls time when Bubby was at  Scouts we went to Kmart and did our make up.
10/17/2013  You are such a dare devil.  Nothing scares you today we were out riding bikes and you were doing tricks on it.  You would raise a leg and glide along.
10/18/2013  Friday funday's are the best.  We had the Smith boys over and it was nice to have them over.  You were oh so cute and Katie could not believe how darling you were.  She said that you seriously get cuter as you get older.  Heaven help me but I believe she is right.
10/19/2013  You had your first school friend birthday party today.  The little girls name is Mayla and she is a sweet heart and I am glad that you found each other.  You drew her the cutest picture of you and her.
10/20/2013  Oh my sweet angel, today you would not let your brother have me at all.  And today was an end of you playing in the street for awhile.  You ran in front of a car which was a reminder that you are just still too little.  It scared me to death.
10/21/2013  You have mastered the art of snapping and it is cracking me up.  Every time I turn around you are snapping.  this morning you woke up and told me that your fingers were sore from all your snapping.
10/22/2013  I cannot tell you how much I enjoy my mornings with you.  I love that in some mornings you are still sleeping so sometimes Daddy and me get to snuggle you still.  This morning was one of those days.
10/23/2013  When it comes to giggling with you life doesn't get much better.  I love that we will just lay in the middle of the living room and play.  Most of the time it involves tickling or me using you as a weight for lifting.  We also have fun just "working out"  which might I add you have the push up I have ever seen on a little girl.
10/24/2013  This evening we went to the Bowman's to babysit and you were so excited to have a sleep over with Olivia.  You guys were so giggly.  I really think Liv is a sweet friend for you and you two had so much fun.
10/25/2013  So tonight was our Trunk of Treat and you looked like the cutest sparkly mummy there ever was.  I seriously had so much fun getting you all dressed up.  I know I am your mom but you were seriously the prettiest little girl there.
10/26/2013  Today was your last soccer game and you were not having it.  You are typically a go get it kind of girl.  I think the cold and being tired had a lot to do with it.  You even told me that you didnt want to play.    I was hoping to see you get a goal this season but I guess cold weather and you do not mix.
10/27/2013  When it comes to you and Reese life doesn't get much better for either of you.  He is without a doubt your boy.  While you were watching a movie today he just buried his head in your lap.  You just pulled and rubbed his ear.  He is hands down the greatest dog we will ever have.
10/28/2013 I think when it comes to drives with just you and me in the car by ourselves life just doesnt get better.  You will crack me up like crazy but apparently I am no longer allowed to tell people about the funny things you say or do because you told me in secret.  So I promise to never tell anyone how funny you are but it will be hard to do.
10/29/2013  So it is decided you finally told me that you can be my world but you will be daddys girl.  I am glad that we are clear on this now.  You seriously do brighten me day daily.
10/30/2013  You got to spend your money today at the store and you bought a pretty new Barbie like doll.  When you got home you gave her the name Elisabeth and then you showed her around the house.  The best was when you showed her outside and you two were blowing dandelions.  You blew hers for her and told me whispering "I had to blow hers because she is actually not real but dont tell her."
10/31/2013  So it was Halloween today and I had once again so much fun dressing you all up again.  I made you extra sparkly.  I was actually surprised at how much you ran from house to house.  The only disappointment was how few people were passing out candy.
11/1/2013  I actually put you to the test today.  Everyday when you get out of school you will run to my arms and give me the biggest hugs.  So I brought your dad to see who would you pick since you always say you are a daddy's girl.  Well you went to neither of us, you went to your friend and gave her a hug.
11/2/2013  Today was a very special day for the whole family.  Your brother got baptized and it was such an amazing day.  The spirit was so strong and I felt such a wonderful love for the Savior and to have my eternal family.  You also had so much fun playing with your cousin Maddy.
11/3/2013  "That's the bridge thats falling down."  Is what you were singing when we got home for church today.  I just think its funny how you will fill in lyrics to songs.
11/4/2013  You will always come up with the most creative ways to get things done.  So there is no light switch in the living room and you have to turn it off in the middle of the living room.  You will stand in the middle of the ottoman and jump and grab the cord and pull.  Haha you are so funny.
11/5/2013  So you have discovered  that "N-O" spells no.  So when you are talking and I ask you a question you will say, "I don't N-O" instead of know.
11/6/2013  You got to have the morning all to yourself with Daddy.  He even took you to school for Mommy.  You then told me after school that Daddy could no longer take you to school because he didn't know it was your library day.  I guess Mommy kind of does know your schedule.
11/7/2013  Oh my word to game night with you.  I actually enjoyed this evening with you.  We played a matching domino game.  We kind of made up our own rules but the best was you watching you count the dots on them.  You have always been so quick on recognizing the dots and naming the numbers.
11/8/2013  Talk about break my heart.  You are such sensitive girl.  On the drive home from school Jordyn told you that your butt was sticking out.  You started sobbing and said, "Another girl said that to me."  You were so embarrassed and it broke my heart especially because the pants were new ones and I didn't know that they were too big.
11/9/2013  You are such a silly girl.  You told me today, "I have three boys that are in love with me."   You then went onto name them.  I then asked you why so many love you and said, "It is because I am just so beautiful."  I wish I could tell you how your face looked when you were describing these boys love for you.
11/10/2013  You were so cute today.  You had a pink dress on and a jean jacket when we got to church you noticed that Olivia was wearing the same exact thing.   When you noticed it you had to put your jacket back on.
11/11/2013  Yeah to a snowy morning.  I am a sucker for snow and was more than happy to join you in the snow.  It wasnt the best packing snow but we still got to build a snow castle.   You were so sweet though and missed your brother so much while he was gone.
11/12/2013   I love that you are the type of kid that enjoys the simple things in life.  We played this new name that song while humming it.  Now while we drive in the car it is all you want to do.   I like that it is a good way to share primary songs.
11/13/2013  You got to go to a movie with the Simcox family this evening.  You were so tired when you got home you were so sad because you didn't get any popcorn.  It was hard for you to understand that some people just don't have money to buy popcorn.
11/14/2013  Putting you to the test of cleaning and you are a champ.  Kind of cracked me up today though.  I said you had to get rid of ten toys.  I thought this would be a good way to get rid of some toys before Christmas and help you do service.  Yeah to that you put out toy pickle slices and a few dishes.  I am thinking that I might have to do something while you are gone.
11/15/2013  I love this confidence you get out of school now.  You were so proud of yourself that you did a work sheet without any instruction from Ms. Osborne.  I love seeing your face light up.  This is such a difference from the beginning of the year.
11/16/2013  You are beyond competitive and it cracks me up.  During swim today you were always the first kid in your group to always get across the pool first.  When you came up afterwards I told you how competitive you were and you said, "No, I am just a fast swimmer."  I could seriously see you on a team one day.
11/17/2013  I think it is so funny how you always want to serve me.  When we were driving home from church you said, "I cant wait to get home just so I can serve you and take care of you."  Well thank you my dear.  I am so happy to know that I will always have you to take care of me.
11/18/2013  So this morning I got done wiping your tush and I said, "I bet your tummy feels better."  Your response, "Yeah but now my mouth is hungry."
11/19/2013  So your Mammaw came up this week to surprise you and Rossi.   It was so hard for me to keep it secret but well worth it.  When you saw her at pick up, you ran straight to her and gave her the biggest hug ever.  She stole my Annie hug.
11/20/2013   Besides going to school you got to spend most of your day with Mammaw.  You really wanted someone to color with you this morning and I told you to ask Mammaw.  You said, "But she keeps opening and closing her eyes.  How can she color with me?"  Yep that is what old age does to you.
11/21/2013  We got to spend the morning before Mammaw left sniffing candles at Anderson's.  It must run in the family to just smell candles and love it.  She even bought you the birthday cake candle smell because that was your candle of choice.
11/22/2013  You and your dad spent the morning coloring me the sweetest picture.  It seriously brought tears to my eyes.  You had him write me a message on it.  It was word for word straight out of your mouth.  I just loved how you two were being secretive in doing it for me.
11/23/2013  The Smith boys came over today and you were so sad to be the only girl.  We tried our best to make you feel special for the day.  The thing I thought was the most cute was when they all came in to watch a cartoon and you slowly got your blanket and made yourself comfortable on the floor next to Parker.  They did include you in some things.  But for some reason they just have this odd relationship with your brother.
11/24/2013   So when you are using a the bathroom to go poopy you always need a stool.  Well today at church you need one but did not have access to one.  So guess who got to sit on the floor and hold your feet?  Yes yours truly.  The things you do for your kids.
11/25/2013  You were so happy to decorate for Christmas.  We pulled out the nativity.  You and your brother did such a great job decorating together.  I also love that when we do something fun for FHE you insist that we do it every week.
11/26/2013  You are such a lap sitter here lately.  Not like I am complaining I just love having you seriously attached to me.  Now to get you the share me with your brother. Even if you arent on mylap you are glued right next to me.  I am one lucky mommy.
11/27/2013  You are my snow angel.  We had so much fun making a snow head since the snow was not a lot of snow and would not pack.  He was the cutest snow head ever.
11/28/2013  Happy Thanksgiving to my little darling girl.  Your face lit up when you saw your Josie.  Once you saw her I did not see you for the rest of the day.  She did have fun taking pictures of you guys and I will say there are some that I treasure.  When it was time to leave your brother had to come home with me and you were like see ya.  You have always had that kind of personality.  I know you love me but you have no problem being away from me.
11/29/2013  You were away from today and it killed me.  So I had to call to hear your voice and talk to you.  When I asked if you missed me this was the response I got, "Well my heart was sad for you but then I found pictures to see you in and that made my heart happy now.  Are we done now?"  Wow clearly you did not care that much if you talked to me.  I am just glad that you had so much fun with your Josie.
11/30/2013  I got you back today and I was so excited to see my baby girl.  You were so wooly headed and tired.    We at least got to take you to Toys R Us for the third time and your brother was so kind to buy you a bracelet.
12/1/2013  Even though you wanted to stay an extra day with Josie and Mammaw I think you were secretly happy to see me.  When we got home from church you did not leave my side.  I loved having you next to me the whole day.
12/2/2013  "Oh Christmas Eve, Oh Christmas Eve.  Yeah thats all of the words I know."  You seriously crack me up, its Oh Christmas Tree but how could I ever correct you.
12/3/2013  We hung lights outside tonight and you seriously crack me up the way you will shimmy up the tree.  You did a great job putting the lights up but I think was the best was when you were singing " Christmas spirit time makes me feel so good."  Accompanied with whatever lyrics popped up in your head.
12/4/2013  On a daily basis your brother drives you nuts but today he was so sweet to you.  You were cold on the way home from school and he wrapped his arms around you and covered you in his coat.  Oh to the sweetness of two sweet little ones.
12/5/2013  You and your brother are so funny.  So apparently there are superstitions you can do for a snow day.  By five in the evening you guys already had your PJ's inside out, ice cubes in the toilet and spoons under the pillows.   We also danced the snow dance. I guess we will see if it works.
12/6/2013   Snow day with my babies and it was such a wonderful day!  Even though we had to wait until the evening to enjoy the snow to play in it.  I love that every little bit of snow we get you have to build a snowman.  They typical look like snow blobs but you dont seem to mind.
12/7/2013  I loved today it was so fun.  You were just in all sorts of cuteness.  I felt so bad for you today though.  We went to this holiday kick off at the commons downtown and you got an ice sculpture and you dropped it.  You were devastated.
12/8/2013  Oh my to more snow it is not even winter and we have had three snows already.  I think tonight we made our cutest snow people ever.  I love how you are just like me and can spend so much time out there.
12/9/2013   So once again on our way to school you were talking about how why you couldnt like a little boy.  Here was your words, "I couldnt like him because he is brown and I want skin color."  Oh my word child do you realize that brown is a skin color too.  No of course you dont because you are five.
12/10/2013  So I got an email from your teacher today and it cracked me up.  We were just discussing things and she said, "One last thing... So today we were rereading our poems in our poetry folders  and I asked everyone to turn to one we did a while ago.  Annie holds it up and says something like, "This poem is the first time I actually followed directions!"  Haha too cute :).
12/11/2013  I think it is cute that you come to scouts with us.  You may not be able to be a scout but I think you will pick up a few things.  You at least got to help your brother with his tool box and hammer  few nails.
12/12/2013  Oh my word you are the queen of patterns and I cannot break from it.  You have a pattern with your hair.  And on the way to choir babysitting you were seriously so sad that your hair was in a ponytail and it was suppose to be down.  I had to water it down at chorus babysitting.
12/13/2013  So I helped in your class today and you were so happy. I did have a proud moment too.  Your teacher was having me do some filing and of course the test scores are confidential but I will say this you had the highest score out of all the children in your class.
12/14/2013  It was so cute today at the ward Christmas party when Santa walked in.  Your little eyes lit up but the cute part was when you forgot to tell him that you wanted another Elizabeth doll. So you got in the line again and waited again so you could whisper to him that you wanted another one.
12/15/2013  You and your brother were cracking me up on our way to church.  You guys were playing some kind of random red light, green light game.  As I would be drive towards a light you guys would say, "Green light Green light Green light stay."
12/16/2013  This was my facebook status, "Conversation between my two children, "If that boy ever comes over to our house I will wrestle him to the ground because no boy is going to like my sister." Sounds way to familiar"  This was in relation to your love for Chase. 
12/17/2013  So Ms.  Osborne was out sick again today and you came home so sad for her because you "missed her pretty hair"  I think you are beyond funny.
12/18/2013   I love that you make the most thoughtful cards.  You made and wrote the kindest words to Ms.  Osborne.
12/19/2013  Yeah for a fun day at school.  I almost forgot that you were suppose to wear PJ's today but your daddy took good care of you while I was at chorus babysitting.  You were beyond excited when I picked you up to tell me all about your day.
12/20/2013  HaHa you are such a funny kid.  Your cough still has not gotten any better so I took you to the doctor and he ordered a x-ray.   The technician was trying to teach you how to take a deep breath and hold it.  But you kept jumping up and down while doing it.   Once you got it and you were holding your breath she forgot to tell you to breath so you were just standing there with these puffed up cheeks.  Funny funny girl.
12/21/2013  Ready set jump and off you went, you completely swim across the entire 12 foot pool.  You had to do this in order to jump off the diving board without a live guard in the pool to catch you.  We enjoyed a wonderful open swim and it was seriously the best time I have had in all my life with you guys.
12/22/2013  You seriously crack me up.  We were talking about what our favorite colors were and you said, "My favorite color is you know violent red."  HaHa instead of violet.
12/23/2013  I love days off from school and we seriously did next nothing.  But I will say this you have turned into one of my best helpers around the house.  I think I know a little girl that will get plenty of presents from Santa.
12/24/2013  You and your Josie that is all I have to say about this day.  We had a wonderful day spending Christmas Eve day with the family.  You and Josie had fun on your new Spark scooter.
12/25/2013  Merry Christmas me sweet angle.  You were such a joy to watch will all your wonderment.  Watching you snuggle up in your new light up blanket was so sweet.    Your most favorite toy was a new beautiful doll.
12/26/2013    I went to the temple this evening and you got to spend the time with Teegan.  You two played the whole time and you had to take all your dolls to show her.  The cute thing is you named your new doll Lilley because we once had a dog named Lilley which just happens to be Teegan's dog now.
12/27/2013  I think I know a little girl that loves her new doll so much.  We were going to the movies today and you had to take her along with matching hair.  You both had a little braid in it.
12/28/2013  You got a new game for a Christmas present and it Guess Who I Am?   You seriously love the game.  I think the cute part is how you wear the faces around and keep asking me what it is.  You just look to darn cute.
12/29/2013  HaHa for sharing time today I needed someone to do push ups and you were my go to girl.  You seriously did 15 of them.  I was dying no joke.  Your little body was shaking so much but you just kept going.
12/30/2013  Here is to an all day event at the water park.  Sister Davies had extra bands so we were welcomed to come and play.  I love how you will easily make friends with anyone.  You are such a kind little girl.  You were also so brave to go down the big water slide.  I wont lie but it made me nervous but you have no fear.
12/31/2013  This was a wonderful way to end the year 2013.  I loved how you had to get all dressed up for the party.  You looked like a very sweet baby doll.   As this year comes to an end I cannot express how much I loved every minute with you.  You have grown and matured right before my very eyes.  At the beginning of the year you were a little thing and now you are half way through kindergarten.  You are a bright little girl that makes my days worth living.  I love your sweet spirit and passion for doing what is right.  That is one thing your teacher has even said about you, you are always so aware of always following directions.